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Just a couple of days ago This is Fly went live with their new issue and the timing couldn’t have been better since i’ve currently been laid up with some sort of illness that has kept me in bed for days. During the few hours a day i haven’t been sleeping and dreaming of simply getting out of the house, i’ve been slowly consuming this issue on propped up pillows. As always it’s a great read, but a particular write up on spey fishing legend Tom Larimer was especially interesting to me since i’d been lucky enough to fish the Deschutes on a guided trip within years ago (thanks to the efforts of my dad and brother). The steelhead that he help put me on and that trip in general are still one of my favorite fishing memories (click here for the story).

Be sure to check out TIF, and prepare to get stoked. As for me, now that i’ve read it front to back, i need to pay the clinic a visit.


Sometimes fly fishing can get a little to big for its britches, luckily the folks at S.C.O.F do their best to keep us all in check. I HAVE to attend Icast next year (coverage in this issue) ust so i can tag along and enjoy the antics of the SCOF crew. In the mean time i’ll settle for reading their wonderful stories in the new issue #20 that just went live!


An excellent introduction into the world of Tenkara via the fine folks at Living Waters.

Saturday, August 20th – Tenkara Techniques


Event Schedule:

9:00 A.M. – Doors Open/Round Rock Donuts/Coffee

10:00 P.M.. — Texas Hill Country Tenkara / Presenters: Chris Johnson and Rob Gonzales

Come learn the ins and outs of Central Texas Tenkara!  We will show you where to take you Tenkara game next and what to do when you get there!  Techniques, tactics, and access points for the Llano, Brushy, San Gabe, and Guadalupe will all be covered in this presentation.  There will also be time following the presentation to try you hand at casting different Tenkara lines and rods!

1:30 P.M. — Tenkara for Trout / Presenters: Chris Johnson and Rob Gonzales

We will travel from Texas to Oklahoma and then onto Colorado in this presentation!  Learn how to apply Tenkara to trout water of any shape and size!  There will also be time following the presentation to try you hand at casting different Tenkara lines and rods!

6:00 P.M. – Doors Close

Wednesday, August 24th – FLY TYING NIGHT

Join us for our regularly scheduled Tying Night!  We provide all the tying materials and instruction.  All you need to bring is yourself, vise, and tools!  We meet at Pok-E-Jo’s BBQ at 6:00 P.M.for dinner and gather back at the shop around 7:00 P.M. for tying.  Fly of the Night:  Chris’ Crafty Shad.


Luck and good fortune can be measured in many ways. For some it’s winning the lottery or inheriting crazy money. For others it’s finding fame via social media or possibly even landing on reality television.

For me i felt like the luckiest bastard alive when I recently was fortuitous enough to spend two separate vacations in Colorado this summer fishing my brains out for trout, and exploring many waters i’d never even heard of, much less fished.

One such water was the upper reaches of Taryall Creek within the Lost Creek Wilderness area in central Colorado. My angling parents, my son and i all spent a couple of days using my parents small and humble pop-up camper as a home base for some small water fishing that alternated between tiny browns and wildly impressive fighters.


Day one was filled with endless amounts of small browns taken 10 feet from our camper, in the Tarsal that flowed through the magical campgrounds.

Day two was an odd, yet wonderfully succulent event as we climbed over fence ladders that welcomed us to private waters upstream that entitled our group to miles of shoreline and fish without anyone else cramping our style. Most of the day was spent guiding my 12 year old son on some wild waters with not much to show other than a few occasional missed strikes. At some point, with his frustration rightfully growing, he decided i needed to fish and catch something just to lighten the mood for the both of us.


I realize that this sounds like complete bull shit, but within minutes i cast my 7’6″ 2WT rod nymph rig into a deeper hole and suddenly felt a (relative) leviathan doubling my rod over as it shot from bank to bank. As the fish cut back and forth across the whitewater all i could think of was the 6X tippet and the tiny percentage of a chance that i had of landing it on such a small and light rig. Luckily my son took command of the net and landed the fish tenderly and gracefully, and together we made it happen.

A few minutes later, still high on the success of our teamwork, i spotted a larger trout held tight in a feeding lane close to shore, in the shade of an evergreen and pointed it out to my son. With the intensity level rising to a fever pitch we snuck downstream and worked our way back up with me giving every tip i could summon in hopes of some sort of chance of things working out.


And like that it happened. One cast by my son, and one shocked dry fly inhaled, and one massive trout in the net with us tripping over ourselves trying to snap a photo to prove that the most absurd of the absurd had actually happened. While we trying to snap a photo it tossed the hook, did a belly flop and reacquainted itself with the water and was gone in a flash leaving both my son and i in shock at just how much had gone down in the last 30 seconds. We didn’t get the photo of the fish, but the smile on my sons face tells the whole story.

The next day began with my father and i wandering upstream from the campsite and exploring some of the trails along the creek that were either lightly trodden, or simply hidden to thwart off those that couldn’t commit to a true adventure.

While the private waters were absolutely magical and wonderful in many ways, we both hiked out of the upper stretch of public waters agreeing that we had literally stumbled on some of the most scenic and amazing fishing waters that we had ever seen. Pockets, riffles, and giant stones seemingly placed haphazardly by gods filled the waters bed and provided one with a myriad of options to work the countless seams that bounced from rock to rock.

The private fishing is great if you can swing it, but if not, just walk. The truth is always just around the bend.



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All of the misery and joy you could possibly hope to find in a trout adventure with friends. Beautifully shot and wonderfully edited, it’s a truly magnificent escape (especially for those of us hibernating through 100˚ plus days!)