Waiting and Wading

Texas Rivers, Warm Water Fish

*****************Okay, that's enough rain nature!***************


How do you say “Enough” to something you’ve been longing after for so long?  After years of traipsing through dry, cracked and barren stream beds looking for the odd spring fed waterhole, wishing all the while for a respite from the drought, the water has finally arrived, and in epic proportions.

Words like “excessive”, “bounteous” and “copious” pepper my thoughts as i listen to the rain collide with the lakes, rivers and creeks that are constantly rising and falling as they struggle to find a balance that their banks are comfortable with. Even while thinking these words well fishing, i’m careful not to say them out loud for fear of ending up back in a drought due to an ungrateful attitude.


With all my usual stomping grounds roaring wildly with muddy flows, i found myself returning to one of the few places helped dramatically by all the rains of the last few months, Lake Travis, and more specifically Pace Bend.

I hadn’t been back to the lake since it was a largely waterless pool, and was astonished to see it full to the brim for the first time in many years with fresh waters lapping against distant shores. Heading straight to one of the larger coves, Mudd Cove to be precise, i made my way along the banks, 5WT in hand, and was bewildered to see a three foot alligator gar swimming just a couple of feet away from me. Staring closely to confirm the species i felt my muscles suddenly tie themselves in knots as my body seemed to quickly register the fact that i have yet to land an alligator gar and therefore blew the three foot cast by somehow managing to wrap the fly around the rod as the gar swam off, rather peacefully it should be noted, to deeper waters.


Regaining my composure, i went on to land numerous smaller bass, and even a nice medium size long nose gar that put up an amazing fight for a gar of its size. Still, that botched alligator gar attempt is the thought i can’t seem to pry out of my mind many days later.

Much like the aforementioned flows, after you’ve spent years wishing and dreaming for something to be a part of your reality, you can’t really get upset because it doesn’t manifest itself exactly as you pictured it. Maybe the flows weren’t EXACTLY what i envisioned, and maybe the gar DIDN’T end up on my line like planned, still…it happened (or almost happened.)


Either way, i’ll take the possible over the impossible, the high flows over the non-existent flows, the possibility of fish over the lackluster alternative. And in the mean time i’ll try to hone my wish fulfillment skills and try to come up with something a little more middle of the road that will benefit all of us.

Until then, fish what you can, when you can, and envision the best!



We regret to inform you that the LoCol Trash Bash has been postponed due to unsafe water conditions.  We have been carefully watching recent rainfall, river flows, lake levels, and dam releases within the Colorado River watershed. After consulting with the LCRA, we have concluded that river flows will likely remain unsafe for at least the next several days.  Safety is our primary concern.  No trash is worth risking a life for!

We are rescheduling the event for Saturday, June 25.  Same time, same location.  We can not assume that everyone will be available again in June, so we have opened a separate registration for the rescheduled date.

We apologize for the inconvenience of having to reschedule the LoCol Trash Bash this close to the event.  We hope that you will be able to join us on June 25. – Orvis of Austin

Register (or re-register) via this link.





A collection of video journals (The Sayulita Chronicles) to inspire you to cash in some vacation time, hook up with some friends and get out there and explore!

Produced by the folks at Howler Bros. (Check out their Vimeo page for more.)

Shot and edited by Tributaries Digital Cinema.


If you like fishing, floating, doing some good for our local waters and having a shot at winning some sweet fishing gear, then we’ve got a great event for you coming up here in Austin!

On May 21st Orvis of Austin will be hosting a trash pick up on the scenic Colorado river east of Austin. The float / fish with friends old and new is more than enough reason to attend, but just in case you need more there will be FREE FOOD and BEER to reward your altruistic acts ! Here’s the lowdown…

The LoCol Trash Bash is a community volunteer event to clean up the Lower Colorado River in east Austin. The event will focus on the stretch of river from the Montopolis Bridge (Hwy 183) to the Texas River School property about 3.5 miles downstream. Volunteers must pre-register for the event before midnight on May 17. We will organize teams of volunteers to clean assigned stretches.

If you would like to supply your own canoe or kayak, please drop it off at the Montopolis Bridge BEFORE check-in at the Texas River School (9909 Lorado Dr, Austin TX 78725). Volunteers will be at the put in to watch over your gear. For those without any personal watercraft, we’ll have a limited number of loaners (provided by the Texas River School, Austin Canoe and Kayak and Diablo Paddlesports) which will be provided at no charge.

Volunteer check-in will begin at 7am at the Texas River School with a shuttle provided to the put in at the Montopolis Bridge. Parking is limited so volunteers are encouraged to carpool. Take out will be at the Texas River School with a BBQ lunch and beer provided by Live Oak Brewing Co. We’ll hold a raffle to benefit the Texas River School with over $4000 in prizes (tickets will be sold at the event only, must be present to win; tickets are 5 for $20 and CASH ONLY). – Orvis Austin

If  you’ve ever been curious about how to fish or access this hidden gem then this is the crash course you’ve been waiting for!

Be sure to register now (via this link) to reserve your FREE space on what is sure to be an epic day of fun and fish!

P.S. Click here to check out the list of amazing prizes being raffled off to help support Texas River School!



As a long time artist of sorts (music and visual design) i spend a lot of time obsessing every aspect of this blog, whether it’s a photo, text, video, story, etc. which accounts for the days between adventures and their posts.

There are times however when even i realize that time is of the essence and that this propensity to overthink things can get in the way of you reading about it and heading out to make your own story. Sometimes, time is of the essence.


Case in point, Barton Creek right here in the town of Austin that i call home. If you live around here, fly fish and have never been to Barton Creek, YOU MUST GO NOW! I’ve been fishing this immaculate stretch of water for almost a decade now and i have NEVER seen it as beautiful and fishy as it is right now.

  • Personally i use a 7’6″ 3WT, but a 4 or 5 WT wouldn’t be inappropriate.
  • For sunfish and largemouth bass, use poppers in the slower pools against the banks.
  • For Guadalupe bass hit the faster waters, especially those with larger rocks breaking up the current, and get down deep. You likely won’t see them down there until they dart up for your fly, so try for them even if you don’t see them.
  • Floods have completely moved the fish around and changed the structure of the creek, so try places you haven’t before. As an example, i’ve been fishing between Twin Falls and Sculpture Falls (dry as a bone for years) and have been landing double digits on a regular basis.
  • Most of the fish will be on the smallish size, but there are some big bruisers out there in the three pound range, so don’t forget to bring a couple huge flies just in case.

Boom! There you go!

Now get out there and make your own story!

Please share your story in the comments!