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The family was already camping at Inks Lake, it was up to me to make it there early on Sunday to spend as much as of the day as i could with them. So it was with great trepidation that i set the alarm for 5AM, which was a wonderful thought, but it wasn’t until 8 before i was blasting down highway 71. The radio was cranked, an NPR interview with the great Caetano Veloso was pouring out of my metal coffin as i roared down towards the bridge crossing Barton Creek. Right as i cross the bridge he’s talking about seizing the moment…before i know it i’ve thrown my plans out the window and have whipped around for some early morning action on my favorite local creek. Thirty minutes later i’ve landed a handful of beautiful sunfish. Some were so large that i swore they were Largemouth trying to snap my 4WT just to cause me anxiety about not sending in my rod warranty cards.

An hour or so later, i was pulling into Inks Lake and practically drooling at all the spots likely to hold some monster bass. After finding the family we headed to the high cliffs that give way to rocky outcroppings framing a small but decent sized creek. As my family splashed under the water falls i scouted for possible fishing spots. While i saw many Sunfish and Guadalupes they were all to small to catch with out feeling guilty for messing with new young. As mentioned in previous posts, my true love is running water, creeks and rivers, but i have to say that Inks Lake is incredibly gorgeous once you ditch the RV’s and get back in to Devil’s Cove.

I didn’t get to fish much at Inks since i was so busy scouting and playing in the creeks bountiful pools with my family. But it was a great time, and i fear that i’ve found a place that has sucked me in and won’t let go of my thoughts anytime soon. After all it’s not every day you spend a few hours somewhere and leave feeling like you’ve been on vacation for days.

Well, once again my self-doubt and concern has been temporarily assuaged by a few sunfish not much bigger than my hand.

I was on Barton Creek the other day, exploring and fishing for a good four hours after a long day at work. I have to say that i am convinced that after the last two years of low water on the creek, most of the large fish are gone. I have yet to see the 20″ bass that used to coast by my fly…using their body talk to express utter dismay as to why they might decide to consume a hook dressed in Maribou. Those huge bass seem to have been replaced by 12″ Guadalupes that probably held tight in the small holes created over the last couple years.

Regardless, i managed to catch some small sunfish on Friday. Normally i would just be sad about catching tiny fish on tiny flies, but considering my luck lately it felt wonderful to see my line run, even if it was only for a few yards with minor force.

P.S. If you are seeing big fish between Lost Creek and Sculpture Falls please let us know. I don’t want to write off all large fish on this stretch of water, but i haven’t seen them yet. If you have, let us know. Also let us know what flies are working this early in the year

You know those times when you race to the river and pound it hard for an hour or so? More often than not i end up empty-handed when trying to hard…surprise. I must need a vacation, i’m not getting ANY fish and starting to doubt why i even fly fish…AGAIN. If i hadn’t been here multiple times before i might actually be worried that i’m going to give it all up. Instead i just felt the need to create the book cover for my biography about days on the water that ended up empty handed.

I should have listened to James.

He was kind enough to post a comment about his recent experience at Barton Creek which sounds like a blast. (unedited version here)

“Finally caught some fish on BC! (not British Columbia but the extra local spot). The first pool below the Lost Creek low water X-ing was the ticket. About 7 sunfish (one about the size of a deflated youth regulation football; meaning pretty big by sunfish standards) and one lovely Rio G in about 2 hours between 5:30 and 7:30…BC is back!”  


After reading his well inspring description of Barton Creek i for some reason felt the need to check out Pedernales SP. I don’t know if it’s just me, likely it is, but i can not catch fish at Pedernales with these current high flows. For the Pedernales 80CFS seems to be about perfect, with the flows hovering around 200 it’s just too much water for such a shallow and rocky river. Of course this is probably just my excuse for not catching any fish, but i did spot my first gar of the year which excited me more than you can imagine.

After finding the butt section of a split cane pole i set out to  finish hiking a section of the  river i had never been on. Coming around a bend i stumbled across the Tarpon 120 pictured above. It was strange to find it sitting on the bank as if someone had just stepped away to relieve themselves. It immediately became obvious this wasn’t the case since the boat had almost been torn in half, likely a victim of flooding waters. It was eerie though, i scanned the area for a body before chalking it up to negligence up-stream.

So take James’ advice and hit the BC until the water drops. Also, if you want a SLIGHTLY  USED kayak and happen to own a pack mule i’d be happy to give you the GPS coordinates. You’ll just want to get there before the next big rain.