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Archive for April 1st, 2010


Like most things in life, i don’t know how it happened. Four hours ago i was whining to co-workers how even though i had three days off with my family, i couldn’t find a single place nearby to camp. Four hours later i have reservations for a cottage overlooking the Laguna Madre on South Padre Island. The car is packed with; fly fishing gear, paddleboard, surfboards, and various other things to keep us all happy while enjoying our respective parts of a three day vacation.

I have yet to catch a redfish, but with paddleboard, seven weight, lots of crab imitations and whatever sort of good vibes you can send my way, i think this might be the bay trip where i come back feeling the itch they call “Saltwater Fly-fishing”.

Please send any good vibes due south.

Thank you,