What is the deal with this weather? I’m starting to feel like i live in some strange Dr. Seuss land where ANYTHING is possible and nothing is surprising. Eighty degrees at the start of February? Drought to flood in a day? Cat in a hat? Hell, apparently this is 2012 and ANYTHING is possible!

Almost a week ago i was at my work , located along Shoal Creek, at 4AM, sandbagging the store with co-workers as the water rose above the bridge seen in the above photo.Today, in the spirit of “Crazy ‘Ol 2012″ i decided to take what might be the 30th lunch i’ve ¬†taken in my eight years at my current job, grabbed my 2WT out of the car and headed down to Shoal Creeek to see what the flooding waters gave, or took away.

As i approached a decent size pool that was nothing but dry dirt and rock a couple of weeks ago, i stared in disbelief as schools of sunfish, all 2-8 inches bounced from bank to bank and baby carp worked the riffles.

Casting a small panfish popper, i watched it hit the surface and immediately disappear leaving a wake of disheveled water. Stepping carefully to avoid the countless shards of broken glass, i eased the Green Sunfish off the hook, trying to keep as much distance as i could between my skin and the questionable runoff of most of central Austin.

By the time i headed back for work i had caught close to 20 sunfish (mostly Green) and witnessed an entire fish population trying it’s hardest to bounce back from this crazy drought we’ve been living in for longer than i care to remember. Here’s to many more lunches that leave a manic smile on my face.

P.S. I only had my NON-waterprroof camera, the iPhone, and forgot that the lens is not where my camera’s is. Twenty fish, and nineteen photos of my fingers, plus this one blurred photo of a catch.