You have a full time job (you like), a wife (that is beautiful and kind) and a child (that is amazing). One day you wake to realize that for some reason, the way that all these responsibilities converge on this given day, you suddenly have three hours of total freedom emerge from absolute nothingness. Do you;

A) Gather tax papers and get a earlier than normal jump on your taxes.

B) Grab the ladder, a trowel, and a hose to clean the gutters just in case this crazy thing called “rain” keeps happening.

C) Grab some beef jerky, coffee, waders and various tools of the trade and head to the nearest trout water that you recently figured out how to fish confidently after five years of plying their waters.

C? Yeah, me too.

Strangely enough, it takes exactly one hour to get from my drive way to the Lazy L&L which lies on the Guadalupe River down near New Braumfels, a fact that i tested and confirmed again just a few days ago when those mysterious three hours appeared.

Within minutes of coming to a stop, i was shuffling like a madman along the bank, still adjusting my waders and heading straight for a spot that not many people seem to know about, yet holds a crazy amount of trout (a fact discovered on my recent raft trip with Jacob). Within 45 minutes i managed to lose five or six trout in the heat of battle, had three break off my rigs (fast water and 5X tippet!) and landed and netted two fine specimens. Having come accustomed to one or maybe two trout after a full day of fishing these waters, i walked away after 60 minutes feeling the confidence of someone who finally figured out how to play a game after five years of trial and error.

Heading back to Austin, i could feel the excitement and happiness practically drip out of my fingers, soaking the steering wheel and my floor boards in good vibes.

Three hours. One of anticipation, one of bliss, and one of reminiscing…all well spent.