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Howler Bros. continues their weekly prize give aways with this week’s prize being the classy yet comfortable Aransas shirt. It has a few sweet features like the microfiber lined chest pocket, for your sunglasses, that really help set it apart from your average fishing shirt.

If you want the chance to win one for yourself head on over to their Howler Bros. Facebook page, “like” them, and share the contest post for a chance to win!

Man, i am super stoked about this one! It’s a one of a kind, die Fische designed, foam dome, trucker cap in maroon. The image and text will likely speak to anyone that’s spent any time fishing in both Texas and any other place where “tiny non-Texas dry flies” are used.

If you want to be entered for the drawing for this hat that will be held on April 8th please do the following:

  1. Go to the die Fische Facebook page and be sure to like us (if you don’t already)
  2. Look for any post (between 3/27 and 4/8) that mentions this contest and answer that posting’s question. (You must respond in a complete sentence to qualify.)
  3. You can respond one time to each posting / question.
  4. You can respond to as many separate posts / questions as you want.
  5. Each comment / answer will enter you in the drawing.
  6. Winner will be drawn on 4/8 and notified via email.

Here’s the BIG catch, if the winner is attending the Fly Fishing Film Tour at the Paramount on April 12th i will deliver the hat in person to them the night of the showing AND in addition give them a secret prize package that i will reveal as the date draws closer, (on the stipulation that they sport the lid for the entire evening). If this is the deal breaker to make you attend you can buy your tickets here.

In the case that someone NOT attending the show wins, they will win free delivery of the hat to their house via UPS, and i will run some sort of quasi contest at that point in honor of the FFFT at the Paramount.

So…if you like this blog and are going to the show, answer a bunch of questions! There are no right or wrong answers so it’s not like you have to sweat it to much. GOOD LUCK!

With the intense rains we’ve recently experienced around Austin, it felt a little odd the other day, trying to remember where to fish when all normal spots are overflowing. Quite the opposite problem from the last year or so, where one had to keep a mental log of fishing spots that hadn’t yet turned to dust.

One of the few stable bodies of water around here is the almighty San Marcos, sometimes a reprieve from drought, and at others (like this day) a manageable, fishable body of water when most others have blown their tops.

Having encountered a lot of nervous and / or shy fish on the Pedernales and Barton Creek in the last week or so, it felt good to be fishing on a stable river where the fish know what to do when a gaudy bug with wiggly rubber legs hits the surface of the water, ATTACK! If that popper happens to look like a Parrothead that stumbled out of a Jimmy Buffet show (see above), so much the better, that just means you attack it harder.

With all the moisture we’ve had around these parts, there was the unmistakable stench / aroma of wet Texas in the air, a funk so deep you could cut it with a knife. It’s a smell that local fishers likely know well, somewhere between a wet dog and a hippy that hasn’t bathed in years. The only thing that managed to overshadow the aroma was the eye popping colors, both on the banks and in the water. The whole scene looked like someone had dialed up the saturation levels to 11, or the possible fall out from a Crayola plant explosion.

If you haven’t been down to the San Marcos in a while, i’d recommend hitting it ASAP. A light rod (1-3 WT) and any sort of water craft are all you really need (the banks are to deep to wade). Most importantly, the Tube Hatch hasn’t hit yet, but with these flows and temperatures it won’t be long, so hurry up if you want to experience fish and colors that would make Ted Turner buckle at the knees.

If you live in, or near Austin, Texas and fly fish, you have ZERO reason to miss this event. The FFFT is a wonderful thing in and of itself. But if you do it up Austin style, by hosting it in a legendary Austin theater, giving away free special edition hats by Howler Bros., and having the event catered by Wahoo Fish Tacos, and (hopefully) having a cash bar and prizes, you can pretty much sit back and watch the good times roll.

By the way, whoever is responsible for actually designing an Austin specific poster for the event, nice job, it totally kicks ass (i think i know who you are). It’s nice to see something lovingly designed instead of the typical photo/logo crap that the FFFT try to pass off as marketing (i still love you Drake!). Just one of the many benefits of living in Austin i guess, creative people are involved in everything (amen!).

For the film lineup click here.

To purchase tickets click here.

The following is more information from the organizers:


F3T 2012 is almost here!

Now entering its sixth year, The Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T) has become the entertainment event of the year for America’s diverse fishing community. In 2011 the Film Tour screened in over 85 North American cities and provided a venue to showcase some of the country’s best independent outdoor film makers. The goal of F3T is to energize the industry and inspire film makers to create new cutting edge films that both entertain and educate outdoor enthusiasts. To checkout the complete film lineup Click here 

Event Parking Parking provided by PlainsCapitol Bank – 9th and Congress

Free Food There will be complimentary food provided by Wahoo’s Fish Taco.

Free Hats The first 400 guests will receive a free Special Edition F3T Hat by Howler Brothers!