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With the warm weather around here in central Texas starting to flex it’s muscles, it’s kind of nice to see some fishing with snow on the banks. And the fish? DANG  they are big and beautiful.

Want to see more? Check out Hooke videos on Vimeo.

Well, once again i’ve shown myself that all the truisms i think i know about myself are indeed valid. For example, i’ve always known that i’m extremely competitive to a ridiculous degree, useful information that i use to keep myself out of any sort of challenge based scenario for fear of become obsessed with being number one. Until now.

I recently entered the Texas Hill Country Mixed Bag Contest being put on by the folks over at Texas River Bum. If you’re unfamiliar with the contest, basically, to win you need to catch a wide variety of fish (Trout to Gar, 20 different kind in all) between now and October 31st. The strategies and spots for yours truly have been selected and planned and now it was just a matter of getting out and landing fish.

First stop was the Guadalupe River for the Rainbow Trout checkbox. After landing double digit trout during most visits in February and March, it felt weird to have to fight so hard for one. After losing two good sized fish on one of my favorite holes (over the course of a few hours), i headed to another productive area, paid the attendant, and begged with every cast for JUST ONE LAST TROUT FOR THE YEAR!

After a few lost fish, i was surprised as anyone to see my indicator dip, strip the line, and feel the hook set firmly in an angry Trout’s jaw. As a matter of fact, i was so surprised, i set the hook, slipped, and went in over my head into the cool waters of the river, while still managing to keep my arm, the rod, and line high enough to not lose the fish (eat your heart out Brad Pitt!).

It’s done now, photographed and submitted, but now i’m worried about the obsessiveness it might take to get my shots at these many other fish, after all, there are Redhorse, Catfish, Crappie, White Bass, Smallmouth Buffalo and Gar (and many others) to go. I don’t know what will happen over the next six months, but i can promise you this, i won’t back down, i will fish until my knuckles bleed, and there are stories to be told. Stay tuned.

And not that i really want more competition (I’m looking your way Shawn) but you should really consider signing up if you need an excuse to hit the water more than you do!

Growing up around Washington D.C, in the mid to late 80’s i was lucky enough to be there when the feeling of D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) really seemed to blossom and mean something. Fugazi and Dischord records were just figuring out how to take this mission global without giving up control (as was SST, Rough Trade, Wax Trax and Sub Pop). Punk bands, (Government Issue for one) were playing for free at the skate parks i skated at, which were springing up like mushrooms in the area, and zines, posters, and compilations (on TAPES no less) were being distributed like STD’s among the local scene.

I’m not nostalgic by any means and have ZERO desire to go back in time, (i wouldn’t go back if i could) i only mention this because the people behind Southern Culture on the Fly either grew up then, or have somehow zeroed in on the non-conformist attitude of those years. They were somehow odd, unprofessional, and strange, (in an un-60’s way) purely for the sake of being so, something that these folks seemed to hone in on. With most things in the present being strange just to cash in on the oddity, it’s refreshing to see that some people aren’t being different because they are waiting on a paycheck, but because they feel have something different to say.

Visit their online zine here.

Check out their web site here.

Kudos S.C.O.T.F.

I am by no means a car fanatic, for me most vehicles hold about as much interest as a cinder block (which would be, not much). Sports cars, trucks and SUV’s come and go all day long in front of me and never seem to register in my mind, while some, like Hummers, actually cause the negative ions in me to buzz like mad bees.

It might be my German blood, but for me a vehicle is all about functionality, much to my wife’s chagrin. On the rare occasion that i am made to choose a vehicle though, the thought process is usually along these lines.

“Will it hold all family members, rods, packs, coolers, watercraft and wet waders without destroying the vehicle?”

“Yes? Sold.”

That’s the very reason that i currently own a Honda Element and get strangely foamy at the mouth when i see the a overly practical Ford Transit zip by me. While some men stay up late looking at photos of scantly clad females, i am the person checking out Ebay postings for Eurovans early in the AM. Though vastly different late night pursuits, i’m pretty sure that to an outsider, the look of desire on both parties faces would be indecipherable from one another.

Still, something classy and sexy will draw me in like a shark time after time, causing me to stop in my tracks and try to figure out how i can have one too (just realized that explains my marriage as well.). Such was the case with the above orange Bronco (above) at my work, the green Bronco (below) located almost directly above Shoal Creek, and the handsome truck (also below) spotted at the Lazy L&L near Greune.

Sure their not practical, but each one of these vehicles is oozing character and a particular kind macho swagger that no modern SUV could even hope to match (which by no means that the driver must be male).

Yet as much as i pine after these testaments to all things brawny, there is a dreamier reality that would be ideal. In that perfect world i would live within a few miles of cold rivers, warm creeks, and saltwater estuaries, all of them reachable by the two wheeled non-motorized steed below. When i find it i’ll let you know where to find me…maybe.

Speaking of sweet rides, what is your dream fishing vehicle? Feel free to leave links to images of your ideal ride.