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If MTV was able to put a man on the moon back in the 80’s (i know it happened, i was there), surely i can host a Vimeo site with all of my favorite videos! As a matter of fact, i can, “dFtv” is up and running and allows you to catch not only some of the best fly fishing videos out there, but many other videos that indirectly inspire the way we choose to live our lives each and every day. It’s highly unlikely that unless you’re our identical twins you will enjoy every video, but if you really can’t stand something just go to the next one!

If you know of a video that is so bad ass that we should feature it on dFtv, please leave a comment or email us (contact page) and we’ll be sure to check it out and include it if it’s stellar.

Bookmark and follow dFtv to be sure and receive updates to dFtv, after all it’s so high-tech it makes astronauts landing on the moon with day-glo MTV flags look rediculous!

A longtime friend of mine pursued bikes, i pursued fly fishing. He has a company, a great website, a storefront in Omaha, and this incredible video. I have this blog.

If you need a sweet ride, i can personally vouch that there is nobody else that will take care of you like Dundee Cycles will. Check them out at and let them know die Fische sent you.

Holy smokes, we’re still here! Another media hyped “End Time” has come and gone with very little changing other than the size of my exhausted smile.

It was perfect timing, my day off from my increasingly stressful retail job just happened to coincide with a crazy cold front that had blown in, bringing with it some overcast skies that helped create some ideal conditions for a day away from the holiday madness. I’ll spare you all the details, mostly to protect you from boredom, but also because i’ve had two hectic work days since then and can hardly remember the minutia of that day. What i do remember is that it was supposed to be the last day before “THE END OF THE WORLD” and as promised in my previous post, if i was going to leave this world (or illusion) behind, i was determined to go out with fish in my net and a smile on my face.

It took a good hour or so before my casts, that all seemed to be shot headlong into a gale, produced anything other than the usual “tics” caused by rocks, submerged branches or aquatic vegetation.

The sudden tug on my line, that caused the indicator to dive with purpose, was the sign that all boredom would suddenly come to an end. The fish (above) was a hell of a fighter, and quite a slab to boot, causing me to wonder whether or not the 5X tippet was going to produce, or simply snap as the trout ran broadside in the current, straining both my nerves as well as the tippets breaking strength.

There were seven or nine more that i managed to coax to my net that day, likely because i talked freely to the fish even though other humans were within earshot and likely wondered how this homeless wino had made it all the way from Austin down to the river, much less how he was managing to land a decent amount of fish.

As i landed fish after fish, i glanced skyward to catch incredible, wispy clouds that almost seemed to be shooting forth from the hill downriver, much like lava spewing from a volcano. It was incredible, the fishing, the backdrop of blueness and the light, angelic strokes of white lightly touched across the canvas. Had this actually been my last day on earth, i’d have ended my life content and full of pride.

But i’m here, you’re here, and those fish surely are still there. So i’ll head down early tomorrow, and once again, i’ll fish like it’s my last day on earth.