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Man. What the world needs now is some levity, lightness and possibly an ounce or two of frivolity. As hard as i try to separate my work / addiction (fly fishing) / and this blog, it’s impossible right now to not see the similarities. While the fish are doubtlessly freaked out by the bizarre warm/cold/hot weather, the customers obviously are as well, not sure whether or not to buy a pair of swim trunks or a down coat. Both know that they should need something, but due to the freaky ass weather can’t figure out exactly what that is.

Fortunately, the fish don’t follow the news, and therefore are likely unaware of the impending fiscal cliff, the travesties both here and abroad, or all of the reports that the world is going to end this Friday. In fact, i know that they don’t follow the news, because if they did they would feel about as helpless and despondent as i (and i expect a good chunk of this country) feel right now, and they sure as hell wouldn’t be chasing my poorly tied Zebra Midge if they felt the weight of the world crashing down on them.

In an effort to slip away from it all and find the calming center that only nature can bring (even when it’s surrounded by cliffside houses) i’ve managed to slip away multiple times lately and, if only briefly, have managed to leave tragedy and uncertainty behind.

I don’t know about you all, but for me the greatest power that a simple thing like fly fishing possesses, is the ability to have me so focused on one single act and its end result, that every other thing around me melts away and leaves me there, naked and completely and absolutely engaged in the moment.

Unfortunately, as soon as i release the magnificent fight, and make my way to the car, quickly shedding layers of warmth, it all comes back, the unease, the uncertainty, and the sad thought that so many others might never get to experience this brief moment of absolute stillness. It sounds tragic in words, but there is a beauty in briefly playing a fish, only to spare it at the last minute and release it to fight again. It’s a sense of mercy that i truly think anyone that participates in catch and release  can relate to.

While i personally don’t believe that this Friday is going to be the “End Times,” i do happen to know way too many intelligent and well educated people that are a little freaked out by it to assign it to the “Crazy Box”. Besides, with all the strange things happening lately, maybe this is just what we need. Hopefully though, it won’t be an end time that reduces fish and humans to images like this (photo below).

Instead, maybe we’ll get a positive change.  Maybe folks in general will calm down and pursue personnel development instead of destruction. Maybe they’ll start listening to their hearts instead of the talking heads in the media trying to scare the dollar bills out of them. Maybe, just maybe, people will start reasoning without losing their ability to suspend their disbelief.

What the hell, i’m hoping for the best, maybe we can all become human again.

I personally will fish hard this Thursday, and i will make sure that it’s so that i can lose myself in the moment, and not to hide from the fact that it could be my last day fishing for anything.

Sorry for the somber tone but the world seems to be crashing around us. This is dedicated to the victims of the Connecticut shooting that i can not get out of my head, i hope that they find peace. Let’s all find a way to get along…PLEASE. 


A great video with tons of great shots and fish from the Germans over at Check out their Vimeo site for more video eye candy and be sure to “like” their videos if you like them.

This is an amazing compilation of some incredible shots taken over the course of 2012 by the folks at and posted on their Vimeo site. Check it out and see if you don’t feel inspired to head for your local wild waters.

Stoneflies, gorges and trout…oh my, how i want to go there.

I was turned onto this video by my buddy Miles and i have to agree with him, top notch from the top down. Check out their Vimeo site and be sure to “Like” the video if you dig it to show them your support.