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If you’ve been following this blog for a while or are constantly checking out fly fishing videos on Vimeo (or even Youtube) you’ve no doubt come across Rolf Nylinder’s work and might even be a huge fan like i am, enjoying the prolific outpouring of art that he’s continued to create and share for free over the years.  As reported on his blog he recently suffered a setback of epic proportions, losing all of his personal belongings including his videos from the last ten years, as well as all of his camera and fishing gear in an arsonist attack that destroyed all his belongings.

The rad folks at Vak magazine have started an Indiegogo campaign to help get this unique artist behind the lens (and in front of it) so that we can once again watch and be inspired by his quirky vision of what fly fishing is.

As someone who has spent many hours in front of a computer working on a specific vision to share with others i can only vaguely imagine the amount of time and effort someone as prodigious as Rolf has put forth to share his vision with all of us.

Please view some of Rolf’s classic videos (below) and do what you can, if you can.

P.S. If you are a vendor or person of means and are looking to invest in the future of the sport we all love, please consider helping out someone who is helping present fly fishing to the younger demographic you’re trying so desperately to reach. It’s a win win.

Danke (and thanks), die Fische


Two days off in a row.  It’s something many people take for granted, but in the retail / management world it almost never happens. After recent store floods absconded with my day off, it was an absolute pleasure to recapture that day, pack the Element and head to the Hill Country. The recent rains that had soaked much of Austin as well as my store fortunately meant that flows were once again back at Pedernales State Park, my favorite fishing spot in Texas and one that you should absolutely check out if you’ve never been there.


Arriving at the campgrounds to find my favorite spot taken, i quickly opted for one spot over in hopes that it had sufficient trees for me to try braving the elements and imaginary danger by sleeping in my ENO hammock.  I’m sure this seems absolutely rediculous, but for whatever reason, the lightest and thinnest of tents is like some sort of safety blanket to me, protecting me from not only scorpions, snakes, and other creepy crawlies, but also lions, tigers, bears, and all sorts of other things that bump in the night, where the exposure of a hammock causes me to feel like i’m going to be hauled off in the middle of the night by bandits riding on the backs of grizzlies.


After quickly setting up camp, i headed down to the base of the falls and started flogging the water like a madman.  Working my way down from the big pool at the base of the falls through some fast water and down into some of the more secluded pools i was bummed to continuously feel nothing on the other end of my line.  It was shocking to say the least that all this gorgeous water was flowing with nothing playing in the flows, but memories of the last few years reminded me that these waters and flows have been more or less non-existent for the last few years and now there are is a ton of water but few survivors to enjoy the opulence temporarily provided.

Making my way back up to the narrow chute of whitewater at the very base of the falls, i was flabergasted to catch four bass, in a quick 30 minutes, each getting progressively larger in size, like some Russian nesting doll operating in reverse.


Reeling in the first and smaller of the bass (above), he quickly became a streamer fly for a much larger bass easily four times his size that was trying to inhale him with  aplomb and vigor.  It all happened so quick that the larger bass actually had my smaller catch halfway in it’s mouth before i jerked the little guy out of the maws of death just as he surely thought himself to be bass jerky.

On the very next cast, i managed to land the fish in the title image that seemed like a powerful adversary as he used his moderate but impressive girth (this is after all the Pedernales, no the Colorado river, so sizes are all relative) to bend the 5WT a decent amount and get me fairly excited.


However, as mentioned above, the fish seemed to strangely expand in size with every tug, and it was the fourth fish that thoroughly rocked my world.  With the Clouser dropping like lead, and the line suddenly going taught in the whitewater, i figured that i had hung up on some of the debris that surely washed down during the recent flood.  As the bass bolted into a side pool with obvious intents on cutting the tippet on an obviously sharp rock submerged just a few feet below the surface i struggled to try and apply the brakes, digging the butt-less end of my 5WT into my hip and quickly feeling two thoughts at the same time; 1) I need a 5WT with a fighting butt. 2) These flows and this fish in particular were rapidly making me feel under gunned.

Snapping a photo of the bucket mouth, releasing him, and watching his wake part the water above him, i felt eternally grateful for the exciting moment that we both shared.  It was a feeling that continued for the next couple of fish less hours before sunset and through out the less than remarkable day that the following day would bring.  Oh well, it’s for moments like that bass tearing my line off the reel that we all fish for, and at least i got to have one.  It’s also a painful / pleasant reminder of how wonderful and productive our local waters can be if we’d could just get out of this drought…

Oh yeah, i’m finally over my tent / hammock fear, so i’ve got that going for me.



I am so incredibly thankful for my job at Whole Earth Provision Co. downtown and the amazing people that i work with.  How many other jobs get to turn fun new product they receive like the Yeti Hoppers we just got in stock into fun photos like this?  I’ve worked a lot of jobs and i can tell you, “Not many.”

P.S.  If you’re thinking of picking one up you might want to smear some hurry on it, there’re only ten in stock until next month (and doesn’t even have them yet!)

P.P.S. Who do you think is going to win?  My vote is Yetibot, you can see the fear in Hopper’s grin!


As fall starts to slowly lurch forward for most parts of the northern U.S., many of us (especially here in Texas) are starting to daydream of cooler weather, increased fish activity, long sleeve flannels, beanies, and flasks providing a little interior warmth from the wet/cold drizzle or snow.  As everyone knows, there’s nothing better to chase a shot of firewater than a playlist of eclectic country songs of whiskey and heartbreak, and die Fische is here to help with our second playlist entitled “Shoot Dang” now available here via Spotify.  Y’all come back now ya’ here?!