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Glad to see new beautiful / strange work from one of my all time favorites! Check out for more!


Hey Santa! What’s the deal? You dropped my gift off at the wrong house! Please focus on the details next year. -dF

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Cryptic notes and pictures. This is what a business plan looks like, right? 2017 should be interesting.


Pulling into the megalopolis that is Buccee’s i stopped the car, and entered the massive Temple of Convenience, making a B-line to the piping hot croissant sandwich waiting specifically for me. As i took it in my hand and brought it intimately close to my nose to savor its smell, it seemed to let out a small sigh of relief through its reflective foil coat as though it were free to be chosen, much like a mutt in a kennel.

Between bites and making my way back to the car, i glanced at my newly acquired “Rod Vault” perched on top of the car, keeping rods and reels locked safely away from prying eyes and folks that might otherwise be inclined to break some glass to relieve me of my “tools of the trade.” It took less than half a bite for me to suddenly feel like i was hit in the gut as i realized that the same security that kept wayward youth from accessing my rods also kept me from accessing them now as well…the key you see, was back in my pants pocket at home.


In the past this is the sort of situation that would have sent me into a tailspin of frustration and anxiety, but in light of all the craziness and anger facing the world at large i’ve decided to try (hard as it may be for me) to try and put a little more stock in things just “kind of working out.” The hard part of this is realizing that you will never be totally in control no matter how hard you plan things. It also means opening yourself up to others to ask for help and being willing to take that help graciously and return it with an equal heart.


Pulling up in front of Gruene Outfitters, i approached the door with all the positive thoughts i could cram in my head. Immediately i spotted my friend Jacob and explained my situation, nervous with equal parts embarrassment at forgetting my key as asking for a loaner reel for a few hours.

Being the Southern Gentleman, and all around cool cat that he is, he didn’t even hesitate before digging around the shop to find a lined reel used for test casts and encouraging me to take it and return it whenever i could, more concerned about me catching fish than him having the reel in his hand. Kindness: Score 1


Pulling up to the L and L half an hour later i slowed at the entrance before turning off the ignition, grabbing my wallet and grabbing a $10 bill (the day use fee for the RV park). Walking in to the general store it was the same kind woman that has run the desk for at least the last eight years that i’ve been fishing here.

“You haven’t got your annual pass yet?” she asked.

“No, it’s still in the mail, but I’d love to pay to fish for the day.” i replied.

“Don’t worry about it darling, I know you, go on in.” she said warmly.

Kindness: Score 1


Fishing the waters that day, i landed trout after trout on flies that i had feverishly tied the night before, in an effort to supply the foam slots in my box with creations that they longed to cradle. There seemed to be a limitless end of takes, tussles and pink cheeked warriors that were rallied to the net that day mostly by hot pink worms.


Plodding back up to the car with many pounds of extra water inside my waders (i really must find that hole) i plopped down on the tailgate, exhausted and watched the sun set over the cypress, creating a warm pink glow across the sky that strangely oddly seemed to be the same color found on the trouts’ cheeks.

It was a day of cold weather, gray skies, and fog that seemed to cast a dreamy sort of state on everything in sight. Still, there was a warm feeling that pervaded every action and exchange, whether with locals, or with fish. It was as though the entire day had been processed through some a warm. pink filter. Looking it up later, i wasn’t surprised at all to find that pink is the color of compassion, nurturing and love. Pretty much sums up the day.


P.S.  They always say “It pays to have friends in high places.” and that obviously is important to a lot of people (like recently elected politicians, and other various cogs and stooges) but i’m thankful as hell to just know GOOD people in GOOD places.

Thank you Gruene Outfitters and Lazy L & L!