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Someday i will travel abroad, rod in hand, and this amazing spot in Italy will be one of the first that i visit. Simply stunning work from the folks at Brothers On The Fly, check out their Vimeo page at for more great work from these folks!


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The fine folks at Howler Brothers are once again looking for two stellar folks to travel all summer and represent not just their brand but also their lifestyle.

The Howler Privateers program is back for 2017! And this year we have even more in store for the lucky winners. Dubbed by many as “the ultimate summer gig”, this endeavor will take you coast to coast, let you fish, swim, surf, hang out with friends new and old, shoot photos and video and fly your Howler flag high. As last year’s Privateers can attest, it is full-time adventure. We are looking for a winning pair to come on board for the Summer as the third annual Howler Privateers. You’ll get to spend some time at Howler HQ in Austin, TX and then set sail in our deluxe Howler van visiting our retailers, running pop up shops, assisting at trade shows and heeding the call at various ports of call. You’ll get paid (a little) and learn (a lot). Half of it is work but you won’t notice because it will all be fun and an adventure.   –

Best of luck to all applicants (and especially dF readers!)

While FOTB is always a welcome knowledge bomb, this podcast in particular really helped bring to light the differences in the many line options available out there!

New Podcast Time!  This is a show with John Van Vleet from Scientific Anglers.  Great guy that I got to know a lot better after a weekend in Bozeman Montana.  I also got a chance to ask John about all the questions I have had about fly lines!  Good Stuff Also check out the new shirts at Adios, Tim –

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The fine folks at will be giving away a sweet Umpqua fly fishing hip pack at the Fly Fishing Film Festival in Austin, Texas tonight! If your attending (must be present) head over to their Instagram page, follow the few simple instructions and keep your fingers crossed!

See you there!