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Archive for September 5th, 2017

An epic disaster. There’s no other way to put the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey. With the population of Texas and the amount of people hit by the hurricane it’s not unlikely that anyone, anywhere in this country might know friends or family that suffered through this tragedy. If however you live in Texas it is beyond likely that either you or someone you know, be they family, co-worker, or simply the staff of that coffee shop you love in Port Aransas (here’s looking at you Coffee Waves). It’s also likely that if you live in this state you know somebody that volunteered their time to help those effected or hooked their boat up to their truck and headed down to help rescue folks rom the flooding waters (like the folks at Go Outside Expedition Co. and MANY, MANY, MANY more).

There are countless articles that will surely be written about this storm for some time to come, but there’s one unique story that I noticed through my work/blog/social media connections that I’d love to share with you, the readers.

I don’t know if it’s only because for the first time in my life I’ve lived in a state that has suffered such a monumental calamity, but in addition to the AMAZING work of organized relief efforts and courageous individuals there has been a HUGE cry of support from Texas-based businesses. These are people who live here, work here and play here in Texas, be they the Yeti monolith (Austin) or up and coming companies like Sight Line Provisions (Austin). All of the following just happen to be businesses I personally know that contributed all proceeds of one kind or another to Hurricane Harvey relief and as such should be remembered as local businesses that helped fellow citizens out, putting philanthropy for profit. It’s not that a massive check from Amazon isn’t appreciated, but when your dollars spent locally directly feed back into your community those dollars can pack much more of a punch, with a lot more love behind them.

Already happened:

Yeti (Austin): donated all sales (heard it was 1.5 million) on 09/01/17 to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

Gruene Outfitters (Gruene): inspired by Yeti, donated all sales ($11,500) on 09/01/17 to Salvation Army in the Gulf Coast area.

Epic Bars (Austin): donated $400,000 worth of product (food) to Central Texas Food Bank.

The River House ( Gruene): took all sales from 09/01 ($3,500) and donated to relief efforts. (P.S. Their deviled eggs are to die for.)


Howler Bros (Austin): donating all sales from limited edition T-shirt to hurricane recovery, $50,000 already raised before Sept. 1st.

Sightline Provisions (Austin/Dripping Springs): already did limited run and $1,300 donation, now donating 50% of all new limited edition bracelets to relief efforts.

Sea Level (Corpus Christi): doing a run of limited edition t-shirts with 100% proceeds going to Corpus Christi Food Bank

Whole Earth Provision Co. (Texas staple): previous employer I love that is now undertaking a fund drive for the Houston Food Bank

I’m sure there are many local Texas companies that I’ve missed here so please feel free to comment with information on a brand / company you love or work for and let us know how they’ve helped so we can support them!