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Okay, say these aren’t fly fishing gear per se. This outfit is however an amazing deal on everything you need for an overnight camp along your favorite trout waters. Includes ENO Doublenest (green and khaki and used twice), Atlas straps (also used twice) and a never used Pro Fly in navy. Retail is $180 so this is a hell of a deal. Will deliver anywhere in Austin and all proceeds go to financing some great new stuff for this blog! Text me at 51two-nine23-sixzero74 if interested. Thank you for supporting this blog and helping us grow!

After ten years of fly fishing obsession it’s dawned on me that i’ve acquired more than enough fly fishing gear to outfit a small posse. Because of this I’ll be featuring a ton of product over the next week or so that is available for CRAZY prices. Think of it as helping a fledgling blog find the finances to continue! All proceeds will go to helping grow this blog!

For this round I’m unloading my arsenal of Cabela CGR’s that I’ve acquired over the last two years. Here is the blurb from Cabelas where they retail for $130 but are currently on sale for $60 (a normal deal Cabela’s does) but where they are almost always backordered. The following is their description from

Enjoy a taste of the golden age of fly fishing when you head to the river with the Cabela’s CGR Fiberglass Fly Rod. There’s nothing quite like a fiberglass fly rod when you need to make delicate presentations in close quarters. The CGR’s deep-bending, full-flexing slow action delivers unsurpassed feel and protects light tippets when fighting large fish. High-quality finishing touches include high-grade cork handles with model-specific grips and spigot ferrules. This series offers the five original models with the addition of a 6’2″, 2-weight rod. 5/6- and 7/8-weight rods feature fighting butts. 7/8-weight features a saltwater reel seat. All models include a nylon rod case.

I am selling the following models:

CGR 262-3-  this is a 2WT, 6’3″ in three pieces- minimal wear – $40

CGR 359-3-  this is a 3WT, 5’9″ in three pieces- minimal wear – $40

P.S. the 4WT has sold!

P.S. the 5/6 WT has sold!

Note: Because of the low price I am only selling these rods to anyone in Austin or nearby that can pay cash ASAP. It’s just not worth it financially for me or you to ship these rods. (Those rods are coming soon!)

Also note: To be fair to everyone I can not HOLD rods or take credit cards, etc. First to pay wins on this one!

Contact me at Five-one-two-923-6074 if you are committed to buying right away!

In relation to the population of Texas, there are very few folks out there that are committed to not only fishing, but fishing in a manner that allows future generations (many times their own) to enjoy these waters decades down the road. Because of the blog I’ve been fortunate enough to have met many people over the years that align with my personal belief that limited resources mean that selfishness should take a back seat to personal satisfaction and greed, at least a majority of the time. In a nutshell, catch and release will enable you to bring others back to experience the same awesomeness you have.

One of the first people I ever met via the blog that cared as much about not just the fishing, but also the fisheries is Winston Cundiff. Back in the day he was the only person that showed up at Barton Creek, in the midst of the now legendary Texas drought, bucket in hand to help me transfer sunfish, bass, and catfish from ankle deep pools into the deeper pools below the falls after an alarmed call to arms on the blog.

In the interim years he’s gone on to become not only a passionate angler, but also an official member of All Water Guides which is one of the premium guide services in the Austin area.

Thanks to my new job (buying at Gruene Ouftfitters) and one of our key dealers, Patagonia I was fortunate enough to hook up with him on a recent float trip for Texas fly-fishing Patagonia dealers that once again found me hooking with him on his jet boat, zipping up and down the lower Colorado River in search of bass, and much to his chagrin, gar to satiate my desire for catching a prehistoric dinosaur on the fly.

The water was stained for sure, but the flows were just enough to enable us to barely make it up some incredibly shallow (mere inches deep) riffles. In all actuality the conditions made for what should have been a skunk of a day, but through perseverance and luck we managed to land a handful of bass that were of average size (2.5 lbs?) but still a pleasure to fight on the 6WT’s we were armed with.

Regardless of what we caught, it was a blast just to hang out with folks from Patagonia, Sportsmans Finest and Bayou City Angler that are all people just as passionate about fly fishing as we are at Gruene Outfitters. The Texas fly fishing community is gaining strength and will only continue to do so…be a part of and contact any of these fine local folks for information on how to grab a rod and get out there! We’re all in this together!

A huge thank you to Patagonia for walking the walk and talking the talk and making this whole thing happen!


Seriously reconsidering my diet, and why I don’t live in Canada.