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For every single day of the 13 plus years i worked at Whole Earth Provision Co. there was a (usually) nondescript brown paper bag with all the random register paperwork for the day stuffed neatly inside it for the accounting team. Over the years, and the 3,000 plus bags i’ve personally seen there have been some truly amazing works of art courtesy of the many incredibly talented people i’ve had the good fortune to work with.

Yesterday, my final day of work there, this was the bag waiting for me to hand to deliver the accounting team where it would live out its life in a cardboard box, nestled away forgotten high on a particle board shelf. Fortunately, after a bait and switch involving a run of the mill sack with little to no aspirations and a little slight of hand i was able to liberate this art / note, and now it hangs proudly on the we all in my den. Thank you Niall, and thank you friends for 13 wonderful years!

If you live anywhere near central Texas and are even remotely into fly fishing, then the local Guadalupe Trout Unlimited event entitled Troutfest is a must attend event for you. After taking a break last year the event is back and bigger than ever, not taking place at (my personal favorite) the Lazy L and L campgrounds. Both the expo on Saturday and Sunday are free to the public with the Fly Fishing Film Tour playing Saturday night at 7PM. In addition to many vendors and shops sharing their wares, the following speakers will be providing presentations.

The Troutfest 2017 Committee is thrilled to announce our impressive array of fly fishing experts from all over the country already committed to Troutfest 2017. They are:

Keynote Speaker: 

Kirk Deeter – Editor of Trout Magazine and Vice President of Trout Media for Trout Unlimited

Celebrity Guests / Presenters: 

George Daniel –

Wanda Taylor – TFO –

Jen Ripple – Editor-in-Chief of Dun Magazine and the Executive Editor of a Tight Loop Magazine –

Steve Galleta – Co-Owner of the Bighorn Angler, Ft. Smith Montana –

Duane Redford – Lead Guide at Minturn Anglers, CO and Author –

To keep updated please visit our facebook page HERE!

For information on the Fly Fishing Film Tour happening that Saturday night, please go here!

If you want to chat, grab a sticker or sweet trucker lid, just swing by the Gruene Outfitters booth where i’ll be more than happy to fill you in on my new role at Gruene Outfitters as well as introducing you to the wonderful folks (Chris 1 and 2) that run guided trips for trout on the Guadalupe!


A few months back i was at Sportsmans Finest looking to replace a five weight line i had that was many years past its prime, due to a wide collection of cracks that looked like it had spent to much time sunbathing on some distant, forgotten beach.  As a long time fan and user of the Rio Grand i was a little hesitant when Casey suggested re-lining my spool with the Short Bellied Taper line from Scientific Angler. As a creature of habit, i tend to find something i like and stick with it ad-nauseum, whether it be a fly line or an entree at a local restaurant. Like a true professional though he explained the differences, laid out the information and related his own experience with what he considered to be the best line for trout fishing on the Guadalupe River.


Over the course of a few weeks i tried out the 5WT line on my 10′ 3WT and found that much like Casey had said, it was the perfect line for nymphing in tight with a double fly rig and a strike indicator since the bulk of the line lies in the front 25′ of the tip making it easy to load a rod at very close quarters. Due to the extra mass i found this line excelled especially when “flipping” the rig back upstream after nymphing through a pocket.

With a camo tip to keep the curious fish at ease, as well as a strikingly orange belly to cue you in to where the bulk of your line is residing, this is a must have line for nymphing on any smaller waters such as our local Guadalupe River.

Available in 2-6 WT options, this is the line you need if your tossing heavy streamers or throwing heavily weighted rigs. The SBT lines are available locally at Sportsmans Finest and Gruene Outfitters.


Good news for the family angler or anyone looking for a change of pace! As mentioned in their press release below, Guadalupe River State Park has stocked the park with trout for the first time ever! It’s a little confusing since TPWD  has stocked the Guadalupe River below Canyon Lake (along with the GRTU) for years, but this stretch is in the  Guadalupe River State Park proper, which is quite a few miles upstream from Canyon Lake. Sure the trout might be smaller than their friends further downstream, but the setting alone more than makes up for it. Check out the press release below from the Guadalupe River State Park Facebook page.

Attention Everyone! For the first time in the Park’s history, the river in the Park will be stocked with Rainbow Trout! Approximately 1,250 trout will be stocked and ready to be fished this Saturday, February 4th.

We will be at the river with a limited number of rods and reels for loan beginning at 8:30 a.m. Saturday morning — you need to bring the bait which can range from trout dough (get the kind that smells) and worms to corn. Small spinners can also work. If you bring your own tackle, make sure the hooks and weights are lightweight.

Please note that when fishing in the park, no fishing licenses or stamps are required. The daily bag limit is five trout.

For more information on trout fishing in Texas, either click on the link below or copy and paste it to the search bar on your browser:…/pwdpubs/media/pwd_rp_t3200_1692.pdf

Good luck!