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Yes please. That is all.


Well, it finally happened, one of my all-time favorite bands Tool is officially streaming their catalog on all the major streaming services. Like a lot of long-time fans, I have mixed feelings about this but I’ll spare you the ethical dilemma/social diatribe for now (that can wait for a chance meeting and a glass of wine).  Right now we just need to rock…hard.

P.S. I feel that dF readers are already savvy enough to know that these playlists REALLY run the gamut taste-wise and pick and choose appropriately, but just know this one is extra hard and loud.

It’s time again for the annual Lower Colorado trash bash organized by the fine folks at and in cooperation with partners like TPWD, Travis County Parks, Texas Game Wardens and LCRA.

If you missed last years clean up I can promise you that this is an event that is not only a rewarding and positive way to give back to an amazing fishery, it’s also a hell of a lot of fun. Bonus? An after hour party at Yeti headquarters being thrown by a who’s who of local and national brands that are 100% behind keeping this jewel of a fishery clean, fun and fishable.

More information via All Water Guides HERE!


Someday, somehow this will happen. Until then I will watch this daily. Thank you as always to the folks at for putting that carrot right in front of my nose.