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Archive for February 15th, 2019

New feature: For days of adventure that don’t quite end in a story but deserve to be shared to help our fellow anglers we now present Field Notes.

02/14/19 Reimers Ranch: My friend Nate and I headed out to Reimers hoping to intersect with some progressive white bass making their way up-stream. With Lake Travis being the level it currently is (682 ft.) the lower section of the park was so full that you couldn’t even get down to the water and thus were casting from a 10ft. bank. We made our way up past to the rapids that lie between the grotto and the beach only to find the rapids well under water. Very unreadable and VERY cold. Watched a lot of kayakers troll up and down the spot and talked with them, apparently that day nobody was having anything bite although days before some folks had cleaned up. If you’re thinking of going here just note there is a LOT of water meaning that finding a wadable area, much less fish, is going to be very difficult.

02/14/19 Pedernales Falls: Feeling optimistic about finding some active bass we left for Pedernales Falls State Park which just so happens to be a fishing hole we both feel confident on. Folks, it was not good. Once again, high flows, cold water and not a SINGLE spotting of a fish that wasn’t a minnow. After a couple of hours of freezing our lower extremities we just hung out on the sandy beach, drank wine and pontificated until the food and wine ran dry. Suffice to say, other waters will be far more your effort right now, unless of course you are fine hanging out in gorgeous surroundings with a good friend and yapping like idiots.

  • Stick with the trout if you’re focused on catching fish.
  • If you have the time and willingness to possibly get skunked, go for white bass. They’re running in small groups.
  • It’s still a bit early for wade fisherman to catch warm water species, so only do it if you’re fine getting skunked.