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Archive for May 3rd, 2019

New feature: For days of adventure that don’t quite end in a story but deserve to be shared to help our fellow anglers we now present Field Notes.

04/28/19  Barton Creek – Austin, TX:  This spring has been one of the wettest seasons I can recall, with more slow consistent rain and in turn less flooding and more reliable flows. For me personally this has meant an at least once a week visit over the last few weeks (even if for just a few hours) to Barton Creek to try to keep a finger on the pulse of my favorite local fishery as it’s been up and down for months as storm after storm has blown through.

This last Sunday the flows were a mellow but refreshing 50 CFS when I contacted my wife to see if she’d like to enjoy a picnic together along the creek bed in a spot that I’d recently come to love. Fortunately she said yes but informed me it would be about an hour before she was there and that I should fish until then.

I hiked in from the Lost Creek crossing, working my way down past the crowds until the trail dropped me into the creek and onto untold bounty. I was wielding my trusty 7’6″ Winston Nexus and a small selection of wooly buggers and micro poppers, casting them against the bank, into the shadows and coaxing forth fish to a ridiculous degree.

If you don’t mind scaling things down to accommodate the smaller fish, days like this can be amazing fighting hand-sized fish on 2WT rigs that accentuate every strike and run with aplomb.

The fishing was small but fun and furious and didn’t let up until it was time to head back upstream and meet my wife. As much fun as the fishing was, it paled in comparison to getting to share a very special spot on Barton Creek with my wife and one of the excellent picnics that she seems to whip up almost effortlessly. Hell, I even won the (almost always) close game of cribbage we played. Suffice to say it was a good day, but it’s generally hard to have a bad one on Barton Creek.

Update: I wrote this post yesterday when the creek was at 50 CFS and tonight ANOTHER storm came through and Barton Creek is currently at 4,500 CFS. Be smart and be careful, wait until the flows have lowered to venture out!