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Archive for October 10th, 2019

New feature: For days of adventure that don’t quite end in a full-length story but deserve to be shared to help our fellow anglers we now present Field Notes.

10/08/19  Blanco River at Five Mile Dam:  A month ago I stopped on my way home at Five Mile to find everything below the dam dried up, but making my way up to the dam I witnessed water from bank to bank and promised myself I’d get back soon to put in the kayak and fish the still present river (stagnant as it might be). Unfortunately, Texas waters are temperamental and fickle and by the time I got there two days ago, all that potential was long gone. I arrived with the intent of dragging the kayak down to the water but found that what might normally be a 30-yard ordeal was going to be much closer to 150-yard trudge through overgrown weeds and dry rock. While there are a few pools here they are incredibly shallow (one foot) and if there were any fish in these they are long gone.

All of which is to say, if you were planning on heading here any time soon you’ll likely want to turn your attention to some of the other local rivers like the Guadalupe, San Marcos and Lower Colorado.