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New feature: For days of adventure that don’t quite end in a full-length story but deserve to be shared to help our fellow anglers we now present Field Notes.

11/21/19  Pedernales River at Reimers Ranch:  I wasn’t really expecting much, after all, the cold snap days before had the temperatures maxing out with highs in the forties, but the word on the street was that the sand bars at Reimers were once again exposed and traversable, a far cry from earlier in the year when the water was chest high from bank to bank and un-wadable. The fact that the cold snap had likely locked the fish down was a rather moot point, the warm front bringing temperatures in the seventies in conjunction with the lower Lake Travis levels (671 feet) meant there would be endless sand bars and shallow pools to wet wade without fear of hypothermia lurking around the corner.

Fishing with a sinking leader and a weighted dumbbell fly I worked my through shallow pool after shallow pool without even the faintest tug to get my adrenaline pumping. Never the less it was euphoric to wade the shallow waters, crossing back and forth through the crystal clear, low flowing water, from sand bar to sand bar, desperately hoping against hope that anything on the other end of my line might add an extra dimension to the already amazing experience that was wading the shallow cool water and trekking through the endless sands a la “Lawerence of Arabia”.

In summation, I didn’t hook a single fish, but I was practically giddy trudging from pool to pool, taking in the wadable flows, the cool/warm temperatures and the extreme solitude that are so rare here in Texas. Sure, it’s not the prime time for this body of water, but I can think of a million worse ways to spend a day, so get out there with friends or family and soak it in, but take a rod just in case.