I ran into the owner of this metal themed Flex while temporarily working at the south Whole Earth Provision Co., waiting for my downtown location to get back up and running. He was wearing an Iron Maiden shirt and we started discussing the new album (which is awesome by the way) before i was gregariously invited to check out his ride.

I wasn’t exactly sure what was waiting for me, but i certainly didn’t expect the masterpiece we walked up to. Metallica (circa Master of Puppets), Iron Maiden, Danzig, Slayer, KISS, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Motorhead and others were all present in amazing black and white detail with a special Tool image from Anemia being the only full color one, making it the coup de grâce on an incredibly unique vehicle.



I was trying to figure out how to introduce the passion behind this video from four young lads in Austria, and then i realized they already explained it quite well on their Vimeo page. Read, watch, enjoy!

Hello there!

Thank you for stopping by our profile.
We are four young men who enriches our everyday high-school life by fly fishing, exploring the nature with soft tunes and just relaxing and enjoying the vast wilderness that is just a few steps outside your door. We may not have the best gear or be the best fly fishermen but we have the ambition to make fishing videos for everybody. We have always wanted since this project started to encourage and inspire people to go fishing and discover the lifestyle around it. With our videos we want to show that money nor equipment should stop you from adventures.

Go check us out on



Pulling down to the boat ramp where $100,000 boats were being backed in to the lake via their $60,000 rides i felt completely out of place as i waited for my turn to unload my beat up paddle board off of my worn and depreciated Element. It was an unfamiliar scene for me for sure, a world of money, privilege and luxury unimagined by folks living just a few miles downstream from the boat ramp. What the hell though, i had wine and i had time, since the bass wouldn’t be biting for a while, so i simply sat on my tailgate and watched the parade or prosperity proceed until it was my turn to slip in.


Paddling out across the lower end of Lake Austin, i instantly made my way across the width of its waistline to Little Bee Creek to revel in its steep limestone canyon walls, abundant ferns and ceaseless spring water pouring forth from the seemingly solid wall. In the past i’ve encountered decent size bass here as well as copulating couples, but this time, other than the saturated scenery, nothing was biting…or humping.

Puzzled by the lack of activity i slowly made my way up the main Bee Creek, working every square inch of the elaborate and exotic boat docks that i could find. Poppers, floating lines, streamers, sinking lines, split shot, etc., nothing seemed to be able to change the fact that the Fates wanted me to get skunked.

As the desperation to catch a fish quickly dropped with every empty casts, it was suddenly replaced by a hunger of food and drink. With the thought of a guaranteed satisfaction swelling inside of me, i adjusted course and made a b-line for Hula Hut (an Austin institution located on Lake Austin).IMG_5472

Thirty minutes later i was enjoying their signature appetizer, the stuffed avocado, along with a decent glass of white wine on the dock and fixating on what i had done wrong to get skunked. Right about that time i glanced over to see a mass of corn chips being ejected over the railing by a party calling it quits. As the chips landed like clouds on the still water they were quickly inhaled by 6 to 20 pound grass carp that were circling the water like sharks on a blood binge. “Well hell.” I thought as i started tossing various foods over the railing, thinking of the various flies i had that might match tortilla chips, tomatoes, and the jalapeños they seemed so fond of. Eagerly paying my tab i made my way the short distance back to the marina which housed my small paddle board in the giant maw created for boats and people much more affluent and care free than i, and set out to make the most of the moment,


A few paddles later i found myself nervously casting underneath the docks that housed hungry customers that wordlessly made it apparent that having someone fish under them while they ate their fish tacos was not one of the highlights of their day.

Working over to the other side of the pier i found less people staring at me as i made awkward casts trying to toss line underneath the pier and into churning water of chaos. Eventually i did hook up with one of the grass carp monsters, working the 6WT with much finesse to keep him from wrapping around the pylons, a move that they obviously pride themselves on. Keeping just the right amount of tension on the carp, i brought him within an arms length, dipping the net below him and barely brushing his tail fin with the basket. “BOOM.”

Just like that, the 10 lb. tippet snapped and my fish was off jostling his way back through the crowd of fellow carp to enjoy a freshly fallen sprinkling of salty chips. Freed from the skunk i too set off as the sun was vanishing, into the anarchy of Austin traffic, imagining corn chips raining from heaven, every automobile a hungry carp fighting for sustinence.

Don’t forget, opportunities abound, they might just not be what you expect.

Now if i could just figure out how to tie some tortilla flies.



The crew at Howler Bros. is at it once again! The recently announced  fall lineup features some of their most solid pieces yet including some retro / street inspired outerwear and their lightning bolt Aransas shirt that every hipster / rocker / fly fisher will be sporting this season (including me). Check out all the new goods at


Drooling in Angel Fire, New Mexico. Wouldn’t you?


Here i am. Once again knee-deep in the heat, my breath feeling like it’s being filtered through a cup of hot cup tea. The waters aren’t much better, since wading in rivers, creeks, or lakes around here doesn’t feel much different from wading through the urine soaked kiddie pool at the local public park, warm, warm and warm.

If i kept a diary the entry for this time of year would read “Unbearable, sweltering heat. Zombie fish unable to muster the strength to inhale free food tossed their way. The fish? Miserable. Me? Miserable as well, one of the few things we have in common.”


Clearly something had to be done to stave off the summer doldrums before they completely crushed my will to even lift a rod.


Loading the paddle board on the Element i was still unsure of where i was going to try to shake off the monkey. Approaching the crossroads i was still unsure, right or left? I don’t know if it was some sort of fly fishing intuition, or possibly a slightly mad, invisible monkey cranking the steering wheel in frustration about my indecisiveness, but east it was. Apparently Lake Bastrop was calling.

Loading the paddle board all the provisions for a days adventure i pushed off on to the unusually placid waters with only one bass-boat to be heard, far around the corner and out of view. Herons and egrets lined the banks,  as hawks slowly banked high above, now doubt observing every ripple and movement while woodpeckers provided a rhythmic soundtrack to the proceedings.


The serenity reached up and engulfed me as i slowly faded into sound and vision, forgetting all…until…


I jerked my head to locate the sound and immediately spotted large concentric ripples emanating from what was obviously the scene of the crime.

Bass. Big bass.

Paddling in earnest towards the spot, 30 yards out from the reeds, the surface suddenly and violently erupted all around as bait fish shot out of the water, almost hanging in midair while schools of bass pounced on the bait fish live starving wolves.


Quickly flinging a white streamer into the fray, i was immediately hooked into a healthy bass that had me wondering just how much kinetic energy my 5WT could handle before buckling under pressure. While giving and taking the line, trying to work the bass to the net, i had that elated but cautious feeling swell up inside me that is hopeful the luck will continue, but also knows that the odds say it won’t. Guess that’s way there are casinos.


Strangely enough that luck did last, as school after school continued to chase the bait fish to the surface for much of the day. The fishing was much as i imagine coastal fishing to be. Easy because all you have to do is put the fly in front of the fish, but astoundingly difficult because you have just a second or two to do it. Add on to that the fact that you don’t really know where they’ll hit and you can understand why it’s like playing Whack-a-Mole blind folded with a fly rod in your hand.

To cut to the chase, it was epic. There’s nothing quite like casting a fly into the thick of madness and feeling all hell break loose when you suddenly find yourself connected to the churning chaos in front of you.

I guess instead of fearing the crazed, invisible monkey i might just hand him my keys, make him the designated driver and see where he decides to take me. After all, he’s got a pretty good track record so far. He did call this one.



Living here in Austin, i tend to spend the summer months having the unnerving sensation that every time i step outdoors i’m walking head first into a giant hair dryer set on high, and feeling desperate for any escape i can find. Usually that involuntary escape comes while walking across a hellishly hot asphalt parking lot and passing out after making it as far as the handicap spots and quickly crumbling from heat exhaustion while slipping into a dreamlike euphoria where highs are in the 70’s during the day, and in the 40’s at night.

Strangely enough my visions of cool water and cool water trout strongly resemble this video from Björnhult Media which provides me an excellent impetus to spend more time in Norway and less in parking lots!