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Exhilarated as always for another issue of the legendary This is Fly to hit the e-stands, but extra stoked to see local Austin, TX artist Alana Louise Lyons getting her dues as the featured artist! As a once poster designer / screen printer I’m a huge fan of the way she’s brought that loose but controled style into the digital world. Be sure to check it out and enjoy another amazing issue of an incredible e-rag!


As any long time reader will know I’ve been a fan of both Rolf Nylinder and Håvard Stubö (of Jazz and Fly Fishing) for quite some time. To watch video of them meeting, fishing and exchanging banter was like introducing two of your closest friends to each other, stepping back and watching them size each other up, all within the framework of some amazing scenery.


Wonderful video from longtime inspiration Rolf Nylinder, previously of Frontside Fly. Turns out not only is he an incredible producer of inspiring fly videos he’s also an accomplished musician performing the music in this amazing video he shot and produced.

For more of Rolf’s incredible videos go to:

To enjoy his music just search “Mosvold Hotel” on Spotify or iTunes.

dieFische hearts Rolf.

Always awesome. Always inspiring. Get more “This is Fly” here.