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Here in central it’s hot, humid and dry as dirt. Exactly why every morsel of dancing pixels from other climes become so much more important to gorge upon. Leave it to to keep you sated even if it’s just minute or less appetizers being served.


The only good thing about taking an involuntary sabbatical from your fly fishing blog? Catching up with all the creative people who inspired you in the first place.

As always the fine folks at Jazz and Flyfishing have kept on pumping incredible music and art into the world via their Vimeo site and this new (to me) video series by their guitar player Håvard is no different. Always unique, always wonderful.


A wonderful celebration of the local fly shop. This dude is in it for all the right reasons! Support your local fly shop.


Leave it to the Hooké crew to keep rolling out footage that makes you want to cash in and grab a prop plane for distant waters!