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Have you ever found yourself, two drinks in, lying in a hammock staring at the constellations and wondering how cool it would be if you could somehow cross fly fishing films from somebody like Felt Soul Media with the carefully artistic vision of Wes Anderson? Well now you have your answer.

I just finished watching this video and can honestly say that it has set a new bar for any sort of artsy /documentary / fly fishing that can be made. While their original video “Journey On” was already a drastic change of pace from the “Fish Porn” (I hate that name) videos, with it’s Bruce Brown narrative and incredible editing and sound effects (hummingbirds flapping), this video cranks all of that up to eleven with a little bit of Bergman and European art house thrown in, all to wonderful effect.

You owe it to yourself to watch it and check out more of their work at their Vimeo site.


Seriously reconsidering my diet, and why I don’t live in Canada.


Always stellar. Always tempting.

While checking out two of my favorite blogs, Le Mouching and The Fiberglass Manifesto, it was brought to my attention that there’s a relatively new online fly fishing magazine entitled The Mission. It a great piece of art that reminds me a lot of early This is Fly crossed with a quirky, indie vibe which is extra interesting since it’s based out of South Africa (not Portland, OR or my own Austin, TX. as you might expect.) Check it out and see what you think, personally i love it.