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The Canadian crew at have just released the full version of their stellar video “Along the Way.” Everything about this movie is huge, the rods, the scenery, the fish and the camaraderie.

Check out their Hooké Vimeo page for this video as well as more excellent fly fishing videos!


Not only does Texas have some incredible fishing, it also has some amazing talents. One of those folks is Davis Finn James, an individual that is wildly adept behind a lens. Luckily for us Texas anglers he recently decided to share his fishing short “Come and Take It” with the public via Vimeo! It features fish, friends and some great camera and production work from Davis. Check it out on his Vimeo site and be sure to leave a comment there (trust me, people that work hard on stuff love to get feedback…wink, wink.)


An excellent video of spey casting and BIG fish from the crew at Black Fly Eyes. Check out all of their work at Vimeo or see what their up to on their Facebook page.