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There are a lot of wonderful things that have transpired because of starting this blog, friendships, special trips, and sometimes even water access. Every great once and a while though it’s a package of something wonderful, stickers from other like minded blogs, product to give away, or once in a blue moon something like the package i received a little while back stuffed tightly in the sheet metal tee-pee standing on a post at the end of my driveway.

The origination was Australia, from where it traveled 9,300 miles with the shippers intention of having it arrive in my mailbox pagoda. The contents of the gift included a gorgeous print of a Royal Wulff, a demo print of various other flies and a wonderful note from their artist that read in part…

I’m an artist specializing in watercolor of trout flies which i make available as high-quality prints like you see here. I also paint trout as well as trout flies…

I’ve always drawn and painted but this is new for me, My father was a fisherman who came late to fly-fishing, he took it up when he retired, but he fished whenever he could when i was a child. He made us each our own fishing rods and lures and taught us how to fish and then clean and gut what we caught. He also gave me my first sketchbook and pencils and taught me some of the basics of drawing,

So the art comes from there.   -Lyn


The artwork is tastefully done in watercolours which lends itself well to the aesthetic of these illustrations. With the ability to lay brush stroke over brush stroke Lyn is able to figuratively add wrap on wrap as if tying the fly by hand. This makes for some amazing depth in the illustrations while providing an amazing amount of detail.

I’m happy to say that amazing print of the infamous Royal Wulff now adorns the die Fische den and adds a special air of fly fishing history to this small room. If you’d like to get your own print or are looking for more information please visit and let them know you heard about them here. With the holidays around the corner these are the perfect unique gift for that fly fisher in your life!



While FOTB is always killing it, recently Tim was fortunate enough to interview Derek DeYoung who is easliy, hands down the most popular painter / artist / fly fisherman out there. Even if you’re unfamiliar with his name you likely have seen his artwork in your favorite fly fishing magazine, fly fishing websites or any number of fly fishing merchandise.

Hey Guys, I had the pleasure of sitting down and getting to know Derek DeYoung.  Derek is an amazing artist who has a passion for painting fish from a very unique perspective.  We discuss this perspective in depth on this latest podcast.  Enjoy it guys, and definitely go check out Derek on instagram or his website. Adios, Tim

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I love my metal, rap, and hardcore music, but with the world feeling like it’s a pot of boiling water spilling over without anyone present in the kitchen to turn down the heat, the time seems ripe for a little Neil.

There is no other one musical artist that has meant as much to me on a gut, heart and mind level as Neil Young. His albums are like carbon dating for my life, with many of them being book ends of joyful memories, broken relationships, voyages of self discovery, and of course the obligatory road trip adventure. So many things have come and gone, on a personal level as well as a world level, but Neil is still there doing his thing and remaining relevant to the present while drawing on the past.

So with all the crap blowing around this country, and emotions running high on both sides, i thought it’d be good to let Neil remind us that all these battles, both inner and outer, have been going on for decades and will continue long after we’re gone.

So play the playlist (via Spotify), relax how you see fit, and know that regardless of whether your hero wins or loses…

“This old world keeps spinning round.” –Neil Young, “Comes a Time”


The Canadian crew at have just released the full version of their stellar video “Along the Way.” Everything about this movie is huge, the rods, the scenery, the fish and the camaraderie.

Check out their Hooké Vimeo page for this video as well as more excellent fly fishing videos!