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Well, the rain never came today, at least down here in South Austin. Screw it though.

After my last entry i received a couple of comments from readers that managed to pull me back from the despair i was starting to feel due to this oppressively hot and dry drought we’re currently going through. Armed with a few tips from readers as well as some friendly vibes, i’ve decided to embrace the insanity and dance with it.

If i had any hesitation about my choice, the deal was sealed when i happened on this video just a little while ago. I mean, COME ON, he doesn’t even have a tree in sight! That’s intense! I’ve at least got trees and shade…I CAN DO THIS!

The quality of the “On the Fly” videos is incredible. I hope you can pick something up here to help you with the crazy winds we’ve been having lately.

Check out their quality output at

When i grow up and have a Canon 7D i want to make movies like this. The camera work and lighting is drop dead gorgeous.

Maybe i should make the Austin version, me with Water Wings, fishing a 2WT, searching for two foot bass. I truly think that would be awesome.

Anyway, you can purchase this amazing video at


Just found this video courtesy of and quite simply had to pass it along. Love the video, the fish, the fiberglass rod and the boat…but come on, what was the deal with the buzz cuts? I’m sure i’m not the only one that thinks that if that dude was sporting a ‘fro and a beard he would look much more bad ass?

I’m guessing he might look more like this rad dude.