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After reading a recent post over at Angler Wannabe i started to think about this whole Fly Fishing video, and the lack thereof, a whole lot more. In the tiny world that i spend so much time in, it seems that there are many, many fly fishers just waiting to become consumers of everything fly fishing. Me included. But today while hiking the Town Lake Trail here in Austin, i suddenly had a minor revelation. There was one fly-fisher hiking the trail (me) looking for spots even though he knew that the middle of the winter would bring nothing from the shallow banks. Conversely, there were HUNDREDS of joggers/runners that passed me in the 45 minutes that he was there hitting the banks. So in my mind we are this CRAZY POPULATION over running every creek and river known to man, but in reality we are a VERY SMALL part of the Total Crazy. Something i’ll try to keep in mind when i can’t find fly-fishing DVD’s on Netflix, much less streaming ones.

In an effort to keep my sanity during these cold months where the only good fly fishing comes in tiny bursts (can’t be on the Guadalupe everyday), i’d like to keep you and i inspired with some visual stimulation. Let me know what you think. If  you’re into that’s great, but if it’s just something that makes me as annoying as other blogs let me know.

I only want to post videos if i think;

  1. They are quality videos, HD, 16:9 etc.
  2. They are something i truly believe most readers might be interested in, whether they know it or not.

Let me know what you want. In the meantime, check out this beautiful video shot in Chile.

Wow. I think i’m finally back among the living, or at least cognizant five days after the almighty Drake Fly Fishing Film Tour. It was a rare night out for my wife and i, and we both had the hangovers to prove it the next day.

It was crazy pulling up to the Alamo and seeing the “Sea of Khaki” hanging out pre show strolling by all the vendor booths. Something i would expect to see in Colorado or Idaho, but here in Austin…too cool. All the FF scene seemed to be there, the Gruene Outfitters crew, Fly Fish Chick, Alvin Dedeaux, and pretty much anyone else that has ever tossed line in the Texas Republic.

All was great until my wife and i realized we had missed the line up call for our theater. We were pretty much the last ones in the sold out theater which meant sitting in the second row. DAMN. In the past when this has happened to me i’ve simply left, i can’t imagine anything worse in a theater than sitting inside the screen. Luckily my wife calmed me down with reassuring words, food and wine. And seriously now, once Leslie’s trailer aired it was hard to be upset about anything.

I came in super excited about the Felt Soul Media clip until I realized that it was exactly the same clip seen on the web and even linked to on this site. There were a lot of cool videos, but by FAR my favorite was the clip from the upcoming “Drift”. The clip was the segment shot in Kashmir, India. While all the other movies seemed to be “cool music + cool strikes” this clip actually had some story and monologue that kept my tipsy head engaged for the duration of the showing. Anyway, i’ll be buying it for sure.


By the end when i was paying my rather large tab and feeling a little to mature for my own good, after all…i just sat through a fly fishing film fest, i suddenly had the opportunity to regain some of my youthful idiocy. The people sitting to our right had ordered and left practically a full bottle of decent red wine. In between them leaving and the clean up crew arriving i did a simple roll cast with my appendage and brought a 3/4 full bottle of wine to hand which i quickly poured into my water bottle before making a quick exit.

I blame the Fly Fishing Film Tour, for the youthful act of spontaneity, the hangover, and the incredibly decadent night i had, friends, fish, food, wine and all.

Thank you to everyone that made it happen. I’d do it all again…next year.

I took a camera meaning to take some shots, i did, but they were the wrong kind.

FISH EYE 4 “Through Anglers Eyes” from Mikey Wier on Vimeo.

Hey, who doesn’t love watching people catch fish? I want that drift boat by the way.