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Man these guys crank out some great stuff. I just recently watched three of their other shorts that i purchased and think they pretty much are alone in the fly fishing video realm. Not quite what Mooshine Conpiracy  is for surf films, but getting there quickly…REALLY quickly.

Eastern Rises | teaser from felt soul on Vimeo.


It’s been months that i’ve been waiting to see the film “Red. Gold” and the credits just rolled minutes ago. It’s close to 1AM which is the latest i’ve been up in a long time, but i simply could not stop watching the movie that finally showed up in my mailbox just today.

I’m feeling so restless and aggravated right now that i don’t even know what to do with myself. It will never cease to amaze me how some, myself included, can look at a mountain, river, forest, wave, etc. and see it for the beauty that it holds within, while others simply see profit margins, gross returns and such. I wish they weren’t apart of my world, greedy motherfuckers, but we have to find some way to get along i guess.

The following quote is taken from the Feltsoul Media Blog,  home to the creators of this amzing movie.

 “On November 14, 2008, Ben and I stood before 500 people at the National Geographic Headquarters in Washington, D.C. to show Red Gold [what an honor].  On the very same day, just a block away from the theater in the Bureau of Land Management building, President’s Bush’s staff put out a Record of Decision for the Bristol Bay Area Management Plan.  It opened nearly 2 million acres of federal land surrounding the Pebble Site to mining exploration.  2 million acres.  So while citizens continue to battle development of the Pebble mine on Alaskan State land, we now face the worst – Pebble amidst a mining district in the heart of the world’s largest remaining sockeye salmon fishery.  When the Obama administration comes into office, our leaders of change will have 30 days to reverse this decision”

Check out the sight, ask for a change to this horrendous decision, order wild fish and think about what you can do to reverse this giant selfish wheel of “progress”.

I for one promise to start tomorrow on creating a poster to plaster around town bringing attention to this ticking time bomb. Let me know what you think and what you will do.