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Always irreverent, always interesting. S.C.O.F. #28 does not disappoint. Amazing photos and wonderful words presented in the unique way that only Southern Culture on the Fly can pull off with such panache.

While checking out two of my favorite blogs, Le Mouching and The Fiberglass Manifesto, it was brought to my attention that there’s a relatively new online fly fishing magazine entitled The Mission. It a great piece of art that reminds me a lot of early This is Fly crossed with a quirky, indie vibe which is extra interesting since it’s based out of South Africa (not Portland, OR or my own Austin, TX. as you might expect.) Check it out and see what you think, personally i love it.


Like that indie label you loved in the 90’s that never sold out, SCOF continues to stay true to their roots while delivering epic photos, well thought out stories, unique layouts and a level of quirkiness that simply can’t be imitated. Bonus? THEY ARE STILL FREE! In this day and age of money grubbing selfishness nothing could be more indie.

F’ing love these folks. Check them out at


Not only does Texas have some incredible fishing, it also has some amazing talents. One of those folks is Davis Finn James, an individual that is wildly adept behind a lens. Luckily for us Texas anglers he recently decided to share his fishing short “Come and Take It” with the public via Vimeo! It features fish, friends and some great camera and production work from Davis. Check it out on his Vimeo site and be sure to leave a comment there (trust me, people that work hard on stuff love to get feedback…wink, wink.)