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So this news is a little belated since the new issue of SCOTF came out in in the middle of July, right around the time i was knee deep in a trout fishing adventure in New Mexico. It’s a wonderful feeling though to return and have some great reads from the Southern Culture crew to catch up on. Check out the always awesome online rag now HERE.

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One of the best parts of immersing yourself in something you’re passionate about is that you run into so many other people who have centered their life and energy around the same thing, which in turn adds fuel to your fire. Whether its Orvis, Costa, Patagonia, or many others, we’ve had the good fortune to meet a great many folks over the years that are just as passionate about fly-fishing and the outdoors as we are.


Of the many we’ve had the pleasure to know, Howler Bros. holds a firm seat at the top of that list. Not only do they fish, create amazing art, collaborate with smaller artists and indie companies, play in a band AND live in Austin, but they also know how to throw good parties and have fun. They’ve always shared that fun factor via their blog, but lately it seems as though the blog is buzzing with “next level” activity. Not only is there a great interview with cinematographer R.C. Cone of Tributaries Digital Cinema, creator of many astounding fly fishing films, but there are also the weekly updates from the Howler Privateers. In case you missed our recent post, it’s pretty much the ongoing road journals from two stellar dudes traveling the country in a murdered out van replete with horns, traveling from trade show to campground, and on to waters, in the manner we all probably dream of.

Click here to follow their adventure, and be sure to by them a beer if you run into them on the road or water. I hear they like that.

P.S. Don’t forget to support those companies that are as passionate about the things you love as you are. You vote with your dollars with every purchase, and every company mentioned above is going above and beyond to keep fly-fishing a viable and ongoing sport for future generations to enjoy.



I keep forgetting how close i am to the Gulf of Mexico until i’m reminded by great saltwater videos like this one from Dan Decibel,  one of the main cats behind Skinny Water Culture. After watching this i’m anxious as hell to get down to the coast and explore some skinny waters of my own!


Running a blog takes an inordinate amount of time and energy, there is no doubt. So time-consuming in fact is it that fly fishing blogs, once as abundant as tricos, have quickly fallen like a spent hatch, victims of time, responsibility and sometimes simple exhaustion. After all, there’s not a lot of reasons to spend hours almost every night creating graphics, editing photos, and pouring over carefully chosen words other than the simple passion to create something (hopefully) new and unique.

Every once in a while though there is something that re-stokes the coals, causes a smile, and gives you the renewed energy to keep on going. Today that was a slightly thick, nondescript envelope all the way from France that was soaked in interesting, hand scrawled text. Inside was a stack of awesome stickers from the creative folks at www.riviè I highly recommend checking out their site and if (like me) you don’t speak french, use Google translate to convert the site in to words you’ll understand (like this).

Obviously passion transcends cultures, borders and language, and for that i’m eternally grateful.

Merci amis! Très cool!