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Ever the sucker for hard beats, tasteful filters and smooth editing, i was super psyched to see that The Rogue Fly is back with a new video that has “FUN” written all over it.  While i’d love to see more from the blog on a regular basis (please), i’m happy to settle for one of these gems every month or so. Love it.


For some this might go without saying, but for stubborn folks like me it’s important to remember that your leaders don’t last forever. Time and time again i have suffered fish-less days only to realize an hour before dusk that my leader is only four feet long and so thick that it obviously was freaking the fish out. Imagine throwing a succulent cheeseburger with a giant nylon rope attached to one end onto the sidewalk in front of a teen, even they (insatiable appetite and distracted by hormones) will be apprehensive, wily fish, doubley so.

While blood knots are handy to join a leader and tippet that differ in size by 2X (meaning a 1X tippet can be tied to a 3X leader but not a 4X leader) you will quickly find that after snipping off just a few feet of your leader you will quickly go from whatever diameter your leader is rated (i.e. 3X), to something much thicker (i.e. 1X), making it difficult (and unwise) to tie in lighter material.

So the advice? If you seem to be coming up empty handed, be suspicious of your leader and check it out. Sometimes it might just have been cut and re-rigged so many times that while at a casual glance it looks fine, upon closer inspection you might find that a short length or random superfluous wind knots are alerting fish to your intended deception. Other times the leader might just have acquired bad juju and need to be retired and replaced with a fresh one just to switch up your fishing energy. Either way, snip it off and start anew. Even if you don’t believe in bad energy or luck, you’ll likely get a fresh sense of confidence that will likely help it all come together and start putting you on fish.

Good luck!  (If you believe in that sort of thing.)



Those odd and talented birds from Jazz and Flyfishing are back with two final episodes for Season Two. I personally recommend cranking the air conditioning down to the lower 60’s, uncorking a bottle of aged tawny port and snagging a nice wedge of heady blue cheese to get the full effect (wearing a fedora while watching is optional, but heavily encouraged.)

“Thank you” to all the members of Jazz and Flyfishing for constantly creating videos that are equal parts humor, seriousness, darkness and light with one of the best soundtracks out there. You make me want to create, and fish.

Here’s to a Season 3! (Port toast..clink, clink.)



The folks at French fly fishing blog Le Mouching have once again given die Fische props on the other side of the Pond. It’s an AMAZING to know that people on distant parts of the globe check us out. Merci Le Mouching!