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Well, it finally happened, one of my all-time favorite bands Tool is officially streaming their catalog on all the major streaming services. Like a lot of long-time fans, I have mixed feelings about this but I’ll spare you the ethical dilemma/social diatribe for now (that can wait for a chance meeting and a glass of wine).  Right now we just need to rock…hard.

P.S. I feel that dF readers are already savvy enough to know that these playlists REALLY run the gamut taste-wise and pick and choose appropriately, but just know this one is extra hard and loud.


Obtuse, dense and unconventional. This is the musical equivalent of pulling up a stool at your local dive bar and finding yourself seated next to a tattooed, slightly misanthropic Gen Xer that majored in philosophy, overdosed on Kerouac, and spent the evening cruising the vinyl bins and downing absinthe before running in to you and launching forth into a slightly disjointed diatribe on the varying differences between post-punk and post-rock.

Free form jazz, improv, and other forms of music that might cause the casual listener to have their brain implode. For those that hate it, it’s like fingernails on a chalk board. For those that love it, it’s like a litmus test for camaraderie and understanding. You can likely guess which side of the fence I fall on.