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dF#008 is our new Spotify playlist that’s the the perfect soundtrack for cold / grey days, leaky waders, and stalking trout with your fly rod in one hand and a flask of warm spirits in the other. Enjoy!


I love my metal, rap, and hardcore music, but with the world feeling like it’s a pot of boiling water spilling over without anyone present in the kitchen to turn down the heat, the time seems ripe for a little Neil.

There is no other one musical artist that has meant as much to me on a gut, heart and mind level as Neil Young. His albums are like carbon dating for my life, with many of them being book ends of joyful memories, broken relationships, voyages of self discovery, and of course the obligatory road trip adventure. So many things have come and gone, on a personal level as well as a world level, but Neil is still there doing his thing and remaining relevant to the present while drawing on the past.

So with all the crap blowing around this country, and emotions running high on both sides, i thought it’d be good to let Neil remind us that all these battles, both inner and outer, have been going on for decades and will continue long after we’re gone.

So play the playlist (via Spotify), relax how you see fit, and know that regardless of whether your hero wins or loses…

“This old world keeps spinning round.” –Neil Young, “Comes a Time”


Time to buckle down and make smart decisions about when to hit the water, and when to hole up and tie flies (especially for our readers further north). This soundtrack is the perfect accompaniment to spending hours tying thread wraps in front of the vice or navigating snowy roads with white knuckles,