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Under bridges on the shoulders of urban creeks. In the nooks and crannies of every spillway. On the furthest stretches of local park waterways. Always on the water later than the rest, headlamp burning bright with shadows dancing in the periphery.

Returning home sunburned, wind burned, sore and exhausted this is the soundtrack that pumps from the headphones directly into his subconscious. The beats swelling and subsiding in the skull as it all slowly comes together.

Don’t like hip-hop or feel offended by the occasional profanity? Then this one isn’t for you. If on the other hand you’re curious what’s being listened to as the midnight oil is burning and all of these words and images are all coming together, then here it is.


The crew here at die Fische is mostly easy come, easy go, unless the conversation turns to fish or music. After much discussion this is the soundtrack put together by the disgruntled reporters that wish they were working at Pitchfork instead of working pro bono for a small fly fishing blog based out of Austin, TX writing about the smallest niche of fly fishing available.


As fall starts to slowly lurch forward for most parts of the northern U.S., many of us (especially here in Texas) are starting to daydream of cooler weather, increased fish activity, long sleeve flannels, beanies, and flasks providing a little interior warmth from the wet/cold drizzle or snow.  As everyone knows, there’s nothing better to chase a shot of firewater than a playlist of eclectic country songs of whiskey and heartbreak, and die Fische is here to help with our second playlist entitled “Shoot Dang” now available here via Spotify.  Y’all come back now ya’ here?!