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I ran into the owner of this metal themed Flex while temporarily working at the south Whole Earth Provision Co., waiting for my downtown location to get back up and running. He was wearing an Iron Maiden shirt and we started discussing the new album (which is awesome by the way) before i was gregariously invited to check out his ride.

I wasn’t exactly sure what was waiting for me, but i certainly didn’t expect the masterpiece we walked up to. Metallica (circa Master of Puppets), Iron Maiden, Danzig, Slayer, KISS, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Motorhead and others were all present in amazing black and white detail with a special Tool image from Anemia being the only full color one, making it the coup de grâce on an incredibly unique vehicle.



Drooling in Angel Fire, New Mexico. Wouldn’t you?


After seeing this alluring Dodge van camped along the shore of Eagle Nest in New Mexico i stopped to take photos and was lucky enough to meet the owner who was in the process of  slowly scouring the countryside in this classic that hails from forever ago. He didn’t fish, but his insatiable appetite for wanderlust was immediately recognizable.

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On our recent trip to New Mexico we were fortunate enough to discover the town of Angel Fire which i’d always assumed was JUST the ski area. Not so, there are two restaurant establishments there to choose from (meh), a tiny grocery store that has a great selection of wine and cheeses, and sweet rides like this one cruising around the valley. Just imagine a “Rod Vault” braced to the top of the window and the roll-bar! You’d surely make it to the hot fishing spot before someone in a lumbering four wheel drive (on paved roads at least!)