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I feel kind of bad. I got to the FFFF later than i wanted to. We had to get our son to a sitter, feed ourselves before we passed out from hunger (oysters at the Highball…mmmm), and still manage to pay enough attention so that we didn’t end up in the front row of the theater like last year…that was LAME. But somehow we managed it all and were lucky enough to enjoy the Fly Fishing Film Festival in Austin again this year.

Mad props to everyone involved with hosting this event and bringing it to fruition. I know that Tosh Brown and Christine Johnson play a huge part in bringing this to Austin and promoting it, so “Thank you for what you do.”

My only thought on the event is, maybe we should start to have some sort of enthusiasm raffle for free swag. This is the third fly fishing event here in Austin that i’ve attended where people are receiving INCREDIBLE free stuff only to let out a sarcastic “PHEW” when their name is called. Granted this isn’t everyone, but come on people. be thankful for all the work that went into getting you that free reel or rod… or whatever, as Christy said at the show “Nobody is getting rich on Fly Fishing in Texas.”.  I really think that some sort of “contest” that took active participation would bring out the latent enthusiasm in our fly fishing community. I know there are a lot of passionatie and appreciative fly-fishers in our community, let’s give them a chance to share their love and enthusiasm for the sport while giving them a big “Thank you.” or a free 8WT rod!

Here’s to a bigger better next year.


The next day i was fishing at the site pictured below, and no, i didn’t miss the crowds.

Whoa nelly…it’s almost that time again. As avid readers will no doubt remember, i spent last years Film Festival channeling my Hemingway persona and pretty much partying like there was no tomorrow, which of course there was…OUCH.

I think this year i’ll channel Mr. Bond, calm, cool and collected. I better get over to Netflix and get “Dr. No” in the queue.

In the mean time you REALLY SHOULD BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW. I just got mine and realized that one of the showings had already sold out. So get over there and claim your ticket before you’re one of those poor souls walking around the parking lot with a finger in the air (no not that one). It’s going to be fun for sure, and i’d love to meet anyone that will admit to actually reading this blog.

See you there!

Well, it’s come and gone. It seemed as though almost everyone involved with fly fishing in the Hill Country made it out for the “Casting for Recovery” event at the Dobie. There were lots of smiles and good vibes flowing in the theaters lobby on Tuesday night. Considering that a good percentage of fly fishers prefer to avoid crowds (and likely malls as well) it was an amazing turnout, very few seats were vacant by the time “Rise” was on the screen.

A special thank you to Susan and crew for putting it on. It was great to see everyone. See you at the Drake Film Festival.

Dear Loyal Readers,

I’m doing what i can to help promote what should be a good time, for a good cause. Let’s show the kind of turn out and support that made the Drake Film Festival such a success! I created the above image copyright free so that you can drag it to your desktop and post it on your blog, Facebook, emails, or what have you…anything to help get your friends and family out to what promises to be a great film and a good time. Please help spread the word, send the image. I’ll see you there!

Click on the above image to purchase tickets.

What: “Rise”

Where: Dobie Theater

When: December 8th, rubbing elbows at 5 and show at 7

Why: Support Casting for Recovery

How: Get tickets here

-die Fische