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It’s that time again, the annual Troutfest event is around the corner and soon fly fisherman from around Texas will flock to Rio Raft like moths to a flame. Guadalupe River Trout unlimited (GRTU) runs an amazing trout stocking program (in addition to many other wonderful events and classes throughout the year) and Troutfest is their chance to pack all of that into one event filled weekend. Numerous vendors will be in attendance and the speaker line up will include many top anglers disseminating information on their particular specialties. Speakers this year include Wanda Taylor, Kelly Gallup, Pat Dorsey (my dads hero) and Frank Smethurst (one of mine).

In the past there has been a slight lull from 5PM when the expo wraps up, until 7PM when the Fly Fishing Film Tour (yes, that one) starts playing in front of the massive limestone cliffs. This year will be different though with Gruene Outfitters throwing a happy hour at their booth featuring FREE BEER from Upslope Brewery, FREE pizza, FREE schwag (including a t-shirt by die Fische based on the above poster) and more! In addition, die Fiche will be there answering questions about local fishing and making up some incredible bullshit stories about his fishing heroics, before settling in for the FFFT and checking out RC Cone’s new movie “Yow: Icelandic for Yes” on the big(ish) screen.

My suggestion? Call in sick, make sure to reserve a camp site nearby (no drunk driving please) hang out, enjoy some free beer, food and conversation, watch the film fest and then crash hard and be ready to slay the trout on Sunday!

  • The main event Saturday and Sunday is free.
  • Tickets for the FFFT are $15 and available at the door
  • Camping recommendations: Rio Raft if still available, otherwise Lazy L&L (my fave)
  • Highly recommend the talks as they are incredible nuggets of information
  • Bring a low sitting chair for the FFFT (Crazy Creek style)

Please drag along any interested kids, significant others, or people new to the sport (even if they haven’t wet a line yet). The sense of community is amazing and the knowledge bombs will be going off left and right. See you there!


Saturday, September 6th @ 9:30 A.M. – Situational Casting Clinic (Taught on Brushy Creek in Round Rock, TX)

“Chris will be explaining how, when, and where to use certain casting techniques.  Roll casting, spey techniques, bow and arrow casting, and aerial mends will all be demonstrated and explained.  Join Chris at the “Round Rock” at the upper end of Memorial Park for this clinic.  There is parking available at Chisholm Trail Crossing by the bronze longhorns.  There is also additional parking at the lower end of Memorial Park on Lee St.  Call (512) 828-3474 for more info or if you need help with directions.”  –

Visit for more information.


April Vokey, Thursday, May 22nd at 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM  at Sportsman’s Finest

Join us for our guest April Vokey, British Columbia Steelhead angler/guide.

April Vokey lives in British Columbia and is an avid angler and steelhead, salmon and trout guide. She was born with an unexplainable passion for fishing and an even greater passion for the BC Rivers that surrounded her. Whether it is a small creek, a steep waterfall, or an invigorating downpour of rain, April has always been captivated by the water.

As a young girl, she coaxed her father into going fishing and by the age of 16, when she was old enough to drive, she was devoting all of her free time to her local rivers.

April began her fishing career after spending upwards of 300 days a year on the water. Working evening jobs, she was able to spend the entirety of each of her days learning how to read water while gaining further understanding of British Columbia fisheries. She fished conventional gear proudly throughout her teens, eventually applying her self-taught knowledge toward the sport of fly-fishing.

She began working for a large guiding outfit during her early 20s and soon decided that the experience she was sharing with guests could be further enhanced if she were able to break free from the “get ‘em in, get ‘em out” mentality that she saw becoming a popular trend within the guiding community. So in 2007 she founded BC-based guiding operation, Fly Gal Ventures, where she presently guides and instructs anglers on some of BC’s best steelhead destinations. Fly Gal’s trips and events can be found at

Home is Chilliwack, BC, but her time is spent waist-deep in the waters of the Dean River and the Skeena River systems. She is inseparable from her best friend and fishing buddy, Colby, who is a half St. Bernard, half coon hound.

Schedule as follows:

5:00pm – 5:30pm -> Single-Handed Spey Casting Demo (outside at the casting pond)

6:30pm – 8:30pm -> Indoor Presentation on BC Steelhead

Refreshments and snacks will be provided.

Visit for more information.

ffft2014bigimage from

Finally, the behemoth of fun which is The Fly Fishing Film Tour is rolling back through Austin. If you’ve attended before you’ve probably already set this date aside, but if you’ve never been (because you’re either new to Austin or just recently got into fly fishing), YOU SHOULD NOT MISS THIS NIGHT! It’s pretty much guaranteed that after this event you’ll want to cash in your 401K, quit your job, and take the next days’ red eyed flight towards an exotic location.

While the films are the obvious draw, it’s also the opportunity to experience the festivities at the historic Paramount Theatera staple of Austin since 1915, that is one of the true highlights of the night. As if that wasn’t enough, you’ll also get a chance to socialize with your fellow anglers and realize that the Texas fly fishing community is much bigger than you could have ever imagined. After all, if you live in Colorado, Montana, etc. you know that there are fellow fly fishers around, but if you fish around here and see more snakes than fly fishers, you might begin to wonder if you missed a memo.

Be sure to make plans to get there early (5PM) so that you can grab a sweet free lid from Howler Bros. (photo below), check out all the vendor booths, and meet some new folks and catch up with old ones. I for one would love to meet you, so look for the fedora and suit. In the mean time…

Buy your tickets online at:

When: April 17th, social hour at 5PM, film at 7PM

Where: Paramount Theater, downtown Austin

Why: Because you must.

For additional information and updates check out the FFFT Austin Facebook.

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