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Tom Rosenbauer’s podcast? Amazing.

Gierach’s writing over 18 plus published books? Transcendent.

The combination of the two? Absolute bliss.

Be sure to check out Rosenbauer interviewing Gierach at the Orvis Podcast here.


While FOTB is always killing it, recently Tim was fortunate enough to interview Derek DeYoung who is easliy, hands down the most popular painter / artist / fly fisherman out there. Even if you’re unfamiliar with his name you likely have seen his artwork in your favorite fly fishing magazine, fly fishing websites or any number of fly fishing merchandise.

Hey Guys, I had the pleasure of sitting down and getting to know Derek DeYoung.  Derek is an amazing artist who has a passion for painting fish from a very unique perspective.  We discuss this perspective in depth on this latest podcast.  Enjoy it guys, and definitely go check out Derek on instagram or his website. Adios, Tim

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fotbAlways a great listen, the new FOTB podcast covers one of the more niche aspects of fly fishing (at least in this country), competitive fly fishing. It’s a different world of fly fishing than i personally inhabit, but as usual Tim Evans presents it with a story that is not only insightful, but also extremely interesting.

Friends, I just returned from the 36th World Championship of Fly Fishing in Vail Colorado.  Not only were 25 countries represented, but the best anglers from the fly fishing world were present.  Additionally, these were some of the most awesome people I have had the pleasure of meeting.  This is an Amazing event.  The organizers John Knight and his team did the USA proud by hosting this event.  One of them Ben Metcalf joined me for this podcast.   Worlds can be found at Also check out the American Cup events at: Much more from the Worlds to come on the podcast.   Remember to share the podcast with your friends and social medias. Adios, Tim

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Welcome to a new feature, “Islands in the Stream”, a podcast featuring our part time photographer / videographer / graphic designer, and German laison Uli Fluss.

If he’s not camped out in his Churchill leather chair perusing Jung or Sartre, he can surely be found in his new home, the Texas Hill Country using existential fishing techniques on small waters and small fish.

We’re trying some new things around here, so if you like this let us know and we’ll set a microphone in front of him and ply him with beers to make an episode 2!