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Yes it’s known as a dog park, but it’s also the gateway to some AMAZING fishing right next to downtown Austin. As always, let me know if you have additional information and i’ll add it. Enjoy!

I sort of have this thing.

You see, running, moving water entices me. I can relate to it. It’s always on the go. It can’t stay still even with the meddling hand of man trying to stop it and contain it, i.e., dams.

Lakes and ponds however, just…well…sit there. The inner me feels like they are the equivlant of some of the rural small town folks i’ve met over the years. They just sort of hang out in the same place, happy and content to stay put. After all “What’s the rush?”. But growing up the son of a military family it was hard to imagine that any place would ever be home, for long. Everything was temporal, we never sat still for more than a couple of years. Even after leaving home and living on my own, i would feel the pull to move on from wherever i was at six months, then one year, and finally at the two-year mark, although this length of time was seldom reached.

So, a river i can understand. Still water has always beyond me…until today.

My family and i ended up at Buescher State Park today because my son and i have wanted to take my wife there for some time. We had a great time exploring some trails that lined the banks, taking us all over the park, but it was the solitary time fishing off the banks that shook me to the core. The sun was setting languidly, and the lake was a placid mirror, reflecting the static world back at you in a medium that you knew could change with the tiniest whisper of a breeze, or a simple leap of a stalwart fish.

Standing there on the bank, casting the 5 WT into the still waters, my mind felt at piece. Even with the sun dropping like a rock and me switching from sinking to floating lines, streamers to dries, poppers to emergers, i somehow felt more tranquil and calm than anytime recently spent on a river or stream. Not that i plan on switching preferences, that would be denying the true me. I just think that somehow i might have discovered a growing, emerging side of myself. I have spent the last six years in Austin, far longer than i’ve ever been anywher, and the itch to move has lessened. Maybe i’m just now able to sit still long enough to find a calm center to the chaos of life, or the lake.

Now if i could just find the fish waiting patiently there in the middle for me.

Straw-Hat-Goes-FishingNormally Sunday is “Family Fun Day” around our house, but my wife has been kind enough to volunteer time at our sons school, so it was Paolo and i alone today. When i asked what he wanted to do together i received an enthusiastic, “Let’s go fishing!” Couldn’t be a prouder Papa.

So we set off towards Bastrop State Park for two reasons,  the first being that i The Solitary Anglerthought fishing a pond might be a nice change from all my recent exploits on creeks and rivers, and two, they have a SWEET playground there that is one of Paolos’ favorites.

After a couple hours of orienteering (my game) and some sort of “Star Wars Pictionary”  (Paolo’s game) we headed for the pond that wasn’t much more than a swollen puddle when i had seen it last. Pulling into the parking lot i was elated to see that the pond/lake had risen a good 4-5 feet since early in the summer. Even though it was drizzling, Bass boils could be seen sporadically in the weedbeds.

Unfortunately by the time i got Paolo and i strung up, the slight drizzle we had Riding the Storm Outexperienced for the last few hours had turned into a full on down pour. We made the best of it by setting up camp in the back of the Element snacking and swapping stories.

The best part of being driven to relax in the back of the car was when Paolo pointed out what a scientist would describe as “The light refracting off wave undulations caused by the raindrops colliding with the lakes surface.”  Paolo however saw it the way a five year old sees things and instead it was “A bunch of fish bathed in light swimming and dancing  around just under the surface of the water, or possibly thousands of Polar bears ice skating around on the lake.”

That’s my little artist.