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Holy cow. One more day to go. One more day until sweet freedom.

You see, i love my job, but i work retail. I actually manage a good size local business and this time of the year i willingly work/sleep/work pretty much every day. I enjoy it, i really do, but i miss strolling the waters and plying them for my kindred spirits.

I want to say thank you to everyone that his read this blog over the last year, and wish you all a happy holidays. Enjoy your time with friends and family, sorry for the lack of posts this time of year, and i’ll see you all again soon.

P.S. On one of the few days i had off this month,  i made it down to the Guadalupe where i fished a solid seven hours before hooking into this beautiful site.

OOOOOOHHHHH BABY! It’s really here, at least in my book, winter has arrived. The trout are in the river, the sky is ominous, and the air is COLD!

Yesterday i spent the morning dropping off posters i made for the benefit/fly fishing film showing at the Dobie on Tuesday (info here) before heading to the L and L. As i  pulled in i couldn’t believe my eyes, not a single vehicle was parked at what i was sure would turn out to be an amazing spot for the day. After getting skunked here last Sunday i had sworn to myself that i would somehow get it dialed by utilizing all the information that Judge had given me a couple of trips back. As i walked down the steps i felt a tingle of cold mixing with just a bit of isolation. For those that haven’t been to the L and L it’s important to mention that the Devil’s Playground can either have a lot of people there, making it feel like your crashing someones party, or feel so desolate that you’d swear you were in the wilderness in Alaska. On this day i was feeling like at any moment a bear might come strolling down the bank, likely the combination of cold, grayness, and the lack of a nutritious breakfast.

After a while i ended up on a particular bank that i’d seen many trout (or possibly the same one) jumping around sporadically throughout the day. It was still water, for the most part, but i tossed my rig in any ways and used a SSSLLLLLOOOOOWWWW retreive hoping to lure one of the lurking leviathans. Suddenly my indicator dove, i set the hook, and waited for the 5 yard run…


Was the sound of my reel. My line ran 20, 30, 40 yards out into the deep pool. I tried to palm the reel but the sound of it humming was so cathartic that i didn’t want it to stop. But stop it did. Then, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ 30 yards to the left, suddenly a trout was jumping clear out of the water…but wait…my line is still in the water…one fish escaping the other. Another mad dash, and suddenly, there it is, an easily 24 incher at my feet…so big i had trouble getting it in what is a rather large net.


It was so great that i immediately left the spot for fear of jinxing it.  I had got what i needed and so it was time to move to another spot. Once there i caught two more  that were at least 18″. I played them lightly and ran up and down the rapids following their crazy dance. The trout went right and i dove gently giving them just the slack they needed. They went right and i pirouetted with them in the sinking rays of the sun.

It was an amazing day.

I suggest you get out if you haven’t.

I can’t believe it’s here already. Another year has gone by, Christmas is around the corner, and stocking has already begun on the Guadalupe. I didn’t think i was excited to fish for trout this year, but as soon as i realized there were trout an hour away, flows were good, it was nice outside AND i had the day off, i was speeding to the river practically giddy with excitement. So giddy in fact, that i managed to forget socks and one of my boots…not both mind you, just one. Thank goodness i always have the Chacos (sandals) in the car, they were WAY to tight, and awkward as hell to wade with, but it didn’t matter, i was going to be on the water soaking the day in.

The first couple of hours were fruitless, mostly me getting used to swinging an Judge, instantly on a 15 incher.entire nymph rig with my 3WT. I did pretty well getting used to the awkward casting until “WHAMO”, first wind knot of the season. About 10 minutes and an ungodly number of curse words later, i heard some heckling and looked up to realize that i had an audience. Judge and Jacob from Gruene Outfitters were getting a kick out of watching me try to solve the wind knot puzzle. I normally enjoy fishing because of the solitude it brings, but both Judge and Jacob are such nice guys that i actually was happy to see them on the water. Judge was giving Jacob some pointers on nymphing and was kind enough to share a lot of tips with me as well, going so far as to put me in the right spot and point out exactly where to toss my fly. I’d been out there for three hours without catching anything, after just a few casts with Judge’s help,  i had a fish on my line. The indicator dunked ever so briefly beneath the surface, the line went taught, and the Rainbow leapt from the water…MY GOD, LOOK AT THE SIZE OF!….


And like that it was gone.

Bummed but not beaten, i went back out with the adrenaline still coursing through my veins. A few casts later and i had my first Rainbow of the year, somewhere in the 14-16″ range. It was such a rush that my hands shook nervously with excitement, the fish saw his chance, made a break for it, and was back in the river before any celebratory picture could be taken, camera shy i guess. Minutes later i caught the one seen in the above photo, and a soon after, another. It was awesome. I can’t even remember the last time i caught three fish in one day (not including Sunfish). It’s also been a while since i’ve been on the water, had other people around, and actually enjoyed it. Thanks guys.


What a day. It was around 45-50 degrees today with some nasty wind making casting ridiculously difficult at some points throughout the day. Never the less, it was a beautiful day. It was after all the first day of Trout season for me today. Trout Unlimited and the Texas Parks have been stocking the Guadalupe below Canyon Lake since last Friday. It was my first day off since the stocking and i was hoping that the trout had had enough time to at least get slightly settled into their new place. Unfortunately a cold fron came in late yesterday evening that brought freezing temperatures and even some sleet to our neck of the woods. 

So it was time pull out the waders and thermal underwear. Time to string up the tandem fly rigs, and string up the strike indicators. And last but not least, time to fill the flask with a little port for the late afternoon numbness that was sure to set in.
I started off at Hueco Springs which was beautiful, but exceptionally low. This is where the TPWD stocks but i didn’t see any sign of fish except for a medium size sunfish that i coaxed out of one of the deeper pools. Things didn’t get interesting until i headed upstream to the Lazy L&L. It was there that i ran into a nice fisherman that gave me the tip “Midges…midges!” He was catching trout on size 24 midges and then tossing size 10-12 Wooly Buggers and still landing them. While taking a snack break some fly fisherman and an entire entourage loaded down with HUGE video cameras, sound equipment, etc.  showed up and pretty much took over the pools that i was working. It was pretty strange to see this stretch of the river go from two people to twelve people in the blink of an eye. I hope they got some good shots but geez, it was weird watching it be about the video instead of the fishing. At one point one of the guys was on the top of the cliff near me (snacking) pointing out to the “actors” where the fish were.


“No, no, no, a rod length in front of you…45 degrees to your left is a rock. There’s a 20 incher hanging out under a ledge.”


Hmmmmm….i’m sure it will all look great on the screen but it seemed like blatant cheating to me.


Anyway, after they all left the other lone fisher took off and it was just me. I worked my way back up to the pool that i had gotten some strikes on. After casting all day with practically nothing it was a little awkward when it finally happened. One second the strike indicator was there, and then…nothing. SET THE HOOK! Suddenly water shooting skyward with a Rainbow at the epicenter. Next thing i know my 5WT is bowing to the fish as if it was the second coming of Christ! YEEEEESSSSSS! As i brought the fish in close i saw that it was about 18-20 inches and solid muscle. It was probably only thirty seconds but it felt like forever as i stood there staring at the fish on my fly.

 I have no net so it just lay there in the water looking at me as the thoughts raced through my head. They switched from sheer astonishment, to thoughts of fishing limits, from bewilderment to thinking about the case for releasing all fish. And as my gears locked up the fish saw it’s chance and tossed the hook. I plunged my arm after it in the icy water, but he/she was gone. For a brief second i was so upset i could spit nails. But then i cast again and realized what that fish had given me. My cast was effortless and free of tenseness for the first time all day. The first trout had been caught, everything else for the next three months would just be icing on the cake.