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I was turned on to this video by my co-worker Grace a few day ago and have spent much of the last three evenings trying to come up with some witty, insightful text to set the groundwork for how much this video has inspired me to haul ass to the salts ASAP.  Eventually it dawned on me that the reason it was so hard to put the magnificence of this video into words was that it didn’t need it, the video speaks for itself. Enjoy.

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Tom Rosenbauer’s podcast? Amazing.

Gierach’s writing over 18 plus published books? Transcendent.

The combination of the two? Absolute bliss.

Be sure to check out Rosenbauer interviewing Gierach at the Orvis Podcast here.

There is no doubt that I’d love to run into you at Gruene Outfitters where i work and am currently working to add to the awesomeness and help build an awesome fly selection. Still, i understand not having money to toss around and want to keep you all informed as to how to get the biggest bang for your buck. Suffice to say, that can currently be done at Cabelas where they have six packs of freshwater and saltwater flies currently selling for $9.99! So get what you can there and come spend the money you saved at Gruene Outfitters where the selection is growing daily!

While FOTB is always a welcome knowledge bomb, this podcast in particular really helped bring to light the differences in the many line options available out there!

New Podcast Time!  This is a show with John Van Vleet from Scientific Anglers.  Great guy that I got to know a lot better after a weekend in Bozeman Montana.  I also got a chance to ask John about all the questions I have had about fly lines!  Good Stuff Also check out the new shirts at Adios, Tim –

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