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Bon Voyage!

It’s official, the road trip has begun and by now three of my co-workers should be knee deep in trout waters along the northern New Mexico border. Part of me is a little jealous for sure, but the rest of me is so happy to be able to guide others towards their own fishing nirvana aremed with resources galore. I hope all goes well, that the fish show them a little mercy and that they’ll share their stories when they get back.


If you’ve never tried some of the unique and functional clothing from the folks at Howler Bros., now is the time. They’re currently offering 40% off their apparel which is a crazy deal! Hurry and decide though, they’re blowing through their stock at a dizzying pace.


As a long time aficionado of New Mexico and Colorado trout as well as the excellent local fly shop Living Waters, i’m excited to feature their trailer for the upcoming feature on trout fishing in both of these wonderful states.


We regret to inform you that the LoCol Trash Bash has been postponed due to unsafe water conditions.  We have been carefully watching recent rainfall, river flows, lake levels, and dam releases within the Colorado River watershed. After consulting with the LCRA, we have concluded that river flows will likely remain unsafe for at least the next several days.  Safety is our primary concern.  No trash is worth risking a life for!

We are rescheduling the event for Saturday, June 25.  Same time, same location.  We can not assume that everyone will be available again in June, so we have opened a separate registration for the rescheduled date.

We apologize for the inconvenience of having to reschedule the LoCol Trash Bash this close to the event.  We hope that you will be able to join us on June 25. – Orvis of Austin

Register (or re-register) via this link.