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As anyone who’s worked in retail during the holidays can attest, it’s easy to forget the real message of the season when you’re neck deep in panicked shoppers looking for any shiny object to throw in a box and slap a holiday message on.

Luckily i was reminded of what joy the holidays can hold when i recently spent a few days with my family in ice cold Colorado. More or less holed up due to single digit temperatures, days were spent playing board games, taking turns cooking AMAZING meals, and occasionally venturing out to Bass Pro shop right around the corner to amass a small fly tying arsenal.

Originally the fly tying idea was my cure against “Cabin Fever”, setting up shop in the garage in an effort to keep myself busy and out of the way while cooking magic was going on inside. I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but eventually my mother (a great artist and incredibly creative person) ended up in the “Tie Shop” with my brother David (an amazing fly tier and steel header from Oregon) and i giving her first lesson in fly tying.

I’ve never seen anyone take to anything so quickly, she is a natural to put it mildly. The time spent with my brother and her was amazing on its own, but eventually David retired and it was just me giving what advice i could to my mom while engaging in random conversation. It was probably only an hour spent there with flies, alternately being tied by her and i, enjoying wine and beer respectively while supporting each other, but it felt like a blissful eternity. Conversations were those of adults that respect each others differences instead of the parent / child dynamic that tends to cause so much anxiety and heartache on both sides of the fence.

So remember that you have a lot more to offer than you think. Sometimes just sharing your knowledge is a gift, and sometimes just seeing it being embraced so whole heartedly and enthusiastically is a gift in itself.

You can not buy that feeling. Anywhere.


Ipads, iPhones and the like are amazing, there is no doubt. It’s fair to say that 80% of this blog is somehow involved with these devices, whether it be shooting photos, editing them, or pushing forward various information via social media.

These electronic marvels can easily keep track of your appointments, remind you to pay pay your bills and entertain one in many different ways. They can not however take on wine, coffee, or marinara stains that add a wealth of character to their stapled spine. They also aren’t the best device to record “Two Wine Glass Illuminations” replete with meaningful runes and scribbles sketched in the margins while sitting on an abandoned tree stump after an excitable day of double digit trout.

For this exact reason i find that one of the most important things i can carry on my person is a notebook from and a decent pen. While every one else is trying to scout out an electrical socket just to record the last good thought they had, you can easily jot down memories of fish and flies without fear of having your world going black.

(Note: I’m definitely no Luddite, relying solely on ancient technology, but i feel it obligatory to mention that books also never run out of power. One of many good reasons to always have one on you along with the paper and pen.)


More incredible footage from the folks at Hooké. I can’t wait for the day that we cross paths, it’ll be amazing. These guys are the real deal and their laughter and obvious love of life makes me smile every time i watch this.


Wow. This is what it’s come to, fishing in Minecraft.

As any casual reader will have noticed, there hasn’t been a post on piscatorial pleasure in a while. Things have been a little hectic to say the least around here with most of my time being spent trying to re-open the Whole Earth Provision store i manage that was devastated by the Memorial Day flood back in May. This plus all the other usual responsibilities have reduced Still Time (a.k.a. my fishing time) down to imperceptible amounts over the last few weeks.

So, when i found myself sitting on the couch, with my son, “fishing” together in Minecraft i was thankful to be with him, but also devastated to realize that this was the first time i’d been “fishing” in weeks.

On the bright side, it’s almost over.

Oh, and i caught two pufferfish and a salmon.