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Okay, okay, it’s only a minute long teaser but it’s a whole lot more exciting than the one minute trailer for Star Wars that started floating around about the same time. Sure it doesn’t have the Millennium Falcon, but it does have my two all time favorite activities, surfing and fly fishing IN THE SAME VIDEO! I’m not sure exactly who all is involved with Tributaries Digital Cinema, but judging from the bad ass shots and editing, “The Man” R.C. Cone must be at the helm.

Check it out, get psyched and maybe even pre-order your own copy, or wait until the Fly Fishing Film Tour comes your way (it’s one of the features). If nothing else though, just let it stoke you to get out there and follow your passion!

coverbigimage from

If the above image looks familiar to you that’s because it’s from the video shared here last year entitled “In Search of Grande”. There’s a great right up on this adventure in the fresh new issue of This is Fly #49. In addition to all the regular features (love the soundtracks) there are some great articles on sculpin, tarpon, fishing in Chile, and more (including an interview with Justin Fuller of Good Apples designs).