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Maybe you’ve noticed that the posts have been few and infrequent, or maybe you are one of the unfortunate souls that are a part of my reality and have noticed the darker moods, and slower reaction times.

My wife has once again taken on the task of outfitting an entire theater production company (something she is amazing at doing), although it unfortunately means that all her time is 110% devoted to that, requiring me to step it up and fill in the gaps. The unfortunate side of this is that fly-fishing adventures have been virtually non-existent for the last month, on top of a previous rough month of holiday retail management that also left no time for fishing. TWO MONTHS OF NEXT TO NO FISHING! AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH

So fishing and this blog have suffered, there is no doubt. On the other hand my wife has once again done an amazing job of firing on all cylinders and created an amazing piece of artistic work. While i’m not going to lie and say i’m super jazzed about losing pretty much every minute of personal time i normally have, i’ve loved getting to take my son on some wonderful evening trips alone just to get him out of the house.

This last Sunday we went to Reimers ranch with two different focuses. Paolo wanted to hike and adventure as much as possible while i was hoping to do some early scouting for possible white bass running up from Lake Travis. To make a long story short, we hiked and hiked before working our way down to the Pedernales where i declared that we should work our way back up the river as the sun was setting. Casting the first line of the day i was informed by my son that he was going to head back on the upper trail because he was more “Forest and grass, than weeds, sand and water.”


Chalking this up to his sarcastic sense of humor (i have no idea where he got it from) i expected to find him standing behind me when i turned around a few minutes later (as has happened a hundred times before.) Crap, no child. Reeling in the line a few minutes later i started vigorously making my way back on the trails, stopping every few minutes to call out for my misplaced son.

Almost 45 minutes later, after driving around most of the park, i found him and saw the terror/realization in his eyes at what he’d done and knew without saying a word that it would never happen again. I couldn’t even bring myself to admonish him, it was obvious he’d already done it to himself. Instead of busting his chops i  took him out for pizza where we made a plan incase it should happen again.

A lot of times being a husband / father / manager is allowing people the room to realize not only their successes but also their failures while trying to silently get them back on the right path. Right now i need a giant benevolent hand to do the same for me. I miss the water. I miss the posts. I miss the fish.



The idea for the new “Through the Guides” series from the folks at, is to feature the lives of fly fishing guides that excel at their game and have stories to tell.

It’s not surprising that their first featured guide is local All Water Guide, and all around bad ass Alvin Dedaux, the only guide i know that used to work the stage in a funk/rock band (Bad Mutha Goose). For those that don’t know him, he’s a fishing sensei, with rockstar looks, sporting dreads and a casual demeanor that can make even the crappiest day on the water feel like you got to hang out with the Coolest Cat on the planet.

What was surprising as hell though well watching this video was what i noticed on Alvins’ boat at :57 seconds in the video. Yep, that’s a die Fische “Texas Dry Fly Sticker” seen on the right side of the bench, and hell yeah, that’s how we roll.


Okay, okay, it’s only a minute long teaser but it’s a whole lot more exciting than the one minute trailer for Star Wars that started floating around about the same time. Sure it doesn’t have the Millennium Falcon, but it does have my two all time favorite activities, surfing and fly fishing IN THE SAME VIDEO! I’m not sure exactly who all is involved with Tributaries Digital Cinema, but judging from the bad ass shots and editing, “The Man” R.C. Cone must be at the helm.

Check it out, get psyched and maybe even pre-order your own copy, or wait until the Fly Fishing Film Tour comes your way (it’s one of the features). If nothing else though, just let it stoke you to get out there and follow your passion!

coverbigimage from

If the above image looks familiar to you that’s because it’s from the video shared here last year entitled “In Search of Grande”. There’s a great right up on this adventure in the fresh new issue of This is Fly #49. In addition to all the regular features (love the soundtracks) there are some great articles on sculpin, tarpon, fishing in Chile, and more (including an interview with Justin Fuller of Good Apples designs).