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While checking out two of my favorite blogs, Le Mouching and The Fiberglass Manifesto, it was brought to my attention that there’s a relatively new online fly fishing magazine entitled The Mission. It a great piece of art that reminds me a lot of early This is Fly crossed with a quirky, indie vibe which is extra interesting since it’s based out of South Africa (not Portland, OR or my own Austin, TX. as you might expect.) Check it out and see what you think, personally i love it.

Those nut jobs from Southern Culture on the Fly have once again succeeded in putting out another stellar e-zine that you simply must check out! Embrace the chaos!


Quite simply the best non-print fly fishing magazine out there. Perfect for iPads, hammocks, a drink and a few relaxing hours under the stars.  Check them out at


Carp and urban fishing intersect in the newest issue of! Plus there’s also a great piece on Texas’ very own Devils River!