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After returning from Colorado a week or so ago i was stunned to see that the many plants in my yard had gone berserk with new growth, happy victims of some hard rains while i was MIA in the Rockies. Unfortunately even a few heavy rains can’t break the stranglehold that the drought seems to have on this part of Texas. If you need proof that we need water, all you have to do is paddle the normally flowing Colorado River, marvel at the lack of flow, and the abundance of plant life now vying for space on the water’s surface.

That’s exactly what i was lucky enough to do recently with a wonderful group of people on a recent day off. The day started early at the always helpful MOC Kayak just a ways below Longhorn Dam on the east side. Although it was early, the entire crew of folks seemed to be in good spirits, hoping for a great day of fishing.

Other than the super rad folks i got to spend the day with, the highlight for me was getting to fish for gar in a wide deep pool that i’d actually been dreaming about since my last visit there. It should have been much more fruitful, after all, just like last time they were surfacing left and right, gulping air and diving quickly, but unfortunately it wasn’t in the cards. I managed to get ten or so to bite but was only able to get one huge fella, around four feet long, to run with the hook for a couple of minutes before casually dislodging it and tossing it aside.

Not long after that i managed to lose a good size Guadalupe in the same spot that i had caught one on the previous trip, bummer upon bummer. Rounding a corner in the river i headed to a spot that FINALLY offered up my first actual catch of the day, a feisty 16-18″ largemouth that skated and flipped across the water like a teenage gymnast on meth.

As much as i would love to steer business to Danny at MOC, i have to say that now is not the time to be hitting the Colorado. However, if we get any rain in the next month or so you might want to call ahead and book him before everyone else does. The fall, and the bass fishing, aren’t far around the corner, and in case you didn’t know, it’s stellar.

Thanks to Rob, Ron, Banning, David and especially Jose for the awesome dinner and conversation at Shady Grove.