The ONLY good thing about having my commute on I-35 interrupted and altered by accidents and traffic jams is taking the back roads and discovering one or more of the following:

  1.  A small body of fishable water.
  2.  A taqueria or BBQ trailer that hasn’t been Austinized (read: $$$ and attitude).
  3. Indie businesses.
  4. And finally…unique rides that would add a certain amount of panache to any ill conceived fly fishing road trip.

The folks at Thirsty Planet in south Austin made me smile by fulfilling two of four happy requirements when I discovered their brewery and amazing ride parked out front on a recent 2 hour commute that should have been 45 minutes. I didn’t stop this time since I was well past dinner time upon encountering it, but worry not, I have made notes of the location and will happily wait out the next traffic jam there.

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