It’s been a while since we’ve updated this page so we’re switching it up to make it more user friendly to all those folks that we’re constantly running into asking us whether or not there is fly fishing in Texas. Sure we have trout thanks to the Guadalupe River and the local Truout Unlimited, but more than that we have creeks, rivers, lakes and ponds over flowing with species that can all be caught on the fly with the right amount of knowledge and persistence.

In an effort to break it down into it’s purest form for any folks new to fly fishing or the Hill Country, we present the following sections explaining the what, where, when and why?


With the amount of people moving to Austin, TX on a daily basis it’s not hard to imagine many previous trout anglers moving here and thinking that without the trout waters they’re used to, there is no fly fishing. This couldn’t be further from the truth as there are a myriad of species to fish for in Texas, and the good news? Other than a fishing license (outside of Texas State Parks) you need nothing more than the list below.









Bull Creek




January – March: Head down (from Austin) to the Guadalupe River in Sattler and fish for freshly stocked trout. There are numerous sites where you can pay to play, otherwise you’ll need a membership with the GRTU to obtain access to their private leases

March-April: So many options it’s ridiculous. For beginners i’d recommend practicing your chops on Barton Creek before the crowds hit in the summer. For the experienced angler the striper runs at Colorado State Park, or Reimers Ranch are the local stuff of legend. All the major waterbodies in Texas are a lot of fun this time of year, so cash in your sick days before the summer crowds hit!

May-August: Good luck. It will HAVE to be early mornings or sunset evenings for you on most of the water anywhere near town. This is when i pull out the water craft and start paddling for remote coves or water to “scary” for people to be swimming and getting drunk in.

September-November: Normal heavy rains this time of year make for lots of intense streamer action. For example, the base of the falls at Pedernales a few days after a heavy rain has been one of the highlights of my fishing in Texas. The base of the upper falls at McKinney Falls State Park is also a local hotbed of activity if the rain cooperates. One of the biggest bass i’ve ever caught was in September there…on a 2WT.

December: I work in retail, so this month makes me want to bang my head against oncoming traffic. If you are one of the lucky ones that actually has time off during this month i would suggest starting to familiarize yourself with the Guadalupe and the trout stocking program down there.



Because you might lose your mind if you don’t tip your toes in the water and stalk sunfish with a 2WT on Barton Creek, or chase massive bass and carp on Town Lake.

Because we can fish year round without suffering frost bite damage.

Because although i post and talk at endless length about all the possibilities for fly fishing here in Texas, i hardly ever see anyone else on the water. It’s a big state with endless possibilities, get out there and enjoy it.