Location: Pedernales State Park

Starting – Latitude: 30°18’49.49″N       Longitude: 98°14’21.49″W

Physical Difficulty: Moderate       Fishing Dificulty: Moderate-Hard

Water Flow: Link to water flow at Pedernales near Johnson City

Fish: Guadalupe Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Large Mouth Bass, Sunfish, Channel Catfish, Carp, Freshwater Drum and Carp…lots of Carp

Access:  The parking here is pretty obvious, head for the “Beach” parking. Once there, make sure you have EVERYTHING you need, especially water, because you will be walking A LOT! Leaving the parking lot pass the restrooms to your right and follow the signs to the beach area. Near the base of a wooden walkway you will have to make a serious decision, head to the left for lots of shallow, faster running water action with a honey hole at the end, or head right for deeper/slower holes with bigger fish. They are both a lot of fun, but it’s pretty much impossible to do both, correctly, in one day.

General: This park is really hit or miss if you hang around the main areas. But even in the middle of the summer you’ll be amazed at the solitude you can find if you walk further than the people toting cooler/boom boxes. If school is in session and it’s a weekday the chances are very good that you might see one couple during all of your adventuring.

Hint: Directly below the map click on  “Larger Size”. Then you will have the option to select Google Earth, if you don’t have it get it, it’s free and pretty much the coolest thing ever.