Location: Barton Creek

Starting – Latitude: 30°16’27.50″N       Longitude: 97°50’39.58″W

Physical Difficulty: Easy       Fishing Dificulty: Easy – Moderate

Water Flow: Link to water flow at Lost Creek and Barton Springs

Fish: Guadalupe Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Large Mouth Bass, Rio Grand, Red Breast Sunfish, Catfish

Access:  The easiest access if to park on either side of the low water crossing bridge off Lost Creek. Enter through the gate on the East side of the bridge. Once through, follow the gravel drive for approximately 75 yards. Cross the creek below the first deep pool on your right that has the large “Mushroom Rock” in the middle of it. Once across there are a couple paths you can take. Parking and trail access are also located at Scottish Woods Trail as well as the Mopac entrance (see map below).

General: This entry’s focus is the area of Barton Creek that stretches from Lost Creek down to Car Dealer Dam which is the tall dam near the base of the Hill of Life. It is intensely prone to periods of draught, especially late in the summer. None the less, these four holes will retain water to varying degrees. If it’s shallow fish dries or poppers and drop down to a 3 or 4 size tippet.