I took my son Paolo to nearby McKinney Falls State Park. After a brief hike we set up camp below the Lower Falls where he could run around and i could fish with my 4 WT. As it turned out i had left my reel in the car so the two and a half foot “practice rod” outfitted with line and leader that is Paolo’s “fly rod” became the rod of the evening. I’ve tried half heartedly a couple of times before to catch something on this set up with no luck. I thought this was going to be the case again until i spotted a 5″ sunfish working a side current. On the second cast he ate the popper and had the “rod” bowing a fair amount. After unhooking the fish Paolo tried his hand at the roll cast i’m trying to help him perfect. If he hadn’t slapped the water so much before finding his rhythm i’m sure he could have landed a couple. But the fish were spooked and all it took was a couple errant casts to send them to the warmer and deeper depths. Oh well…practice makes perfect, by next summer i think he might be outfishing me.